Friday, December 5, 2014

a mommy down

The reign of terror  has begun, Little Miss  is becoming too much to handle. It's  up and then it's  down. It's yes and then it's no.  She is developing a mind of her own. Shopping is becoming emotionally painful for me...outtings themselves are no fun. While I still blame a Walmart employee for my dismal mood yesterday, I decided my children,  currently, are not fit for being in public.

I'm  tired of everything I say going in one ear and out the other....but I don't know if it even makes it in one ear- it just whizzes right past them.

I'm tired. Just tired. And emotionally exhausted.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

tis the season, right??

I don't  feel ready for Christmas and yet here it is. My tree is up, which caused me anxiety...and is still giving me anxiety with my curious children. Christmas  movies, music and stories are requested throughout the day. I'm  working on a Christmas program  for a ward Christmas party this weekend. Most of the presents are bought. Christmas cards ordered and ready to be addressed. And somehow I could care less about all this hoopla. I'm just going through the motions, knowing that this is all something very special for my kids and in the end i'll cherish the memories.

 My brother threw a gingerbread house decorating activity the day after Thanksgiving. BOo and I made one together while GG kept little miss occupied.
I'm  hoping that my mood changes and I can catch the spirit and magic of the season.

Here a cute pic a friend took of the girls. Love it!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

call me crazy...gobble gobble.

A couple of weeks ago, I woke up thinking about piƱatas. I have no idea why. I used to make them when I was little for the holidays but I haven't made any since. I take that back I made a cardboard one for one of boo's birthday....which by the way, do not break. So I decided, what the heck, why not. I took the idea the idea and ran with it. Here is what I ended up with:
 Notice the picture  above has the red thing ( I don't  even know the name) but the one below does not. in the morning when boo the turkey she told me that it was missing the red thing by its beak. She said without it its just a chicken. I'm pretty  sure there are more  differences  between  a turkey and a chicken than that but I obeyed and gave my turkey the finishing touch.
I enjoyed making it. Something about the floury  goop all over your hands. :)  and u decorated him in the time it took GG to go play basketball , cool down and shower  (so really I am saying it took me an entire evening). It's  a fun, cheap creative outlet. I have snowmen running  around my head now. :)

Sunday, November 16, 2014

the weekend

Friday night after I put the crazy kids to bed I waited for GG to come home. I was excited because I was determined to move our living room furniture around. I was just itching for a change and to keep the kids from constantly standing on the couch to look out the window.

The wonderful husband didn't complain hardly at all about my plans for the evening, even though he knows we will have to rearrange it in two week so we will have room for our Christmas tree. He knows what will help my sanity and improve me mood. Nothing like rearranging after being bombared by crazy kids all day. :) 

Unfortunately, my luck for the day hadn't changed. I forgot I had specifically asked Boo to move my laptop under the couch earlier in the day so it wouldn't get stepped on or played with by  Little Miss. Having forgot about it during our rearranging of furniture, it inevitably got stepped on while we moved the couch. I now have to hook my computer up to the TV to use it.  Plus side, I can still use it and access all my files. Down side, at some point I will have to give in and get a new computer. .. it was totally not on my list of wants for Christmas. .....unless I have a techy friend who happens to know how to change a computer screen on a laptop????

Yesterday it snowed. I dreaded it. I got everything taken care of Friday so I could just stay home. For whatever reason, I felt like I should make seeing the movie "meet the Mormons" happen. So we went. And it was fun walking downtown with the hubby in the snow. Then later on we played in the snow with the girls and went sledding. Little Miss did not enjoy her snow clothes, she cried and wailed  the entire time as I was putting them on her. Once we got outside she calmed down a bit but she still wasn't sold on it. I don't know that she ever enjoyed being all bundled up but once she saw we were there to have fun she relaxed more.

And this Little Miss started nursery today. From what I heard she did great and when I peeked in during lesson time she was sitting on her chair. The only squawk I heard while I sat outside the nursery, playing hall monitor,  was when she wanted her snack. I'm so glad. I've been worried about this day for 6-9 months because she is a bit more attached than Boo ever was. Yay for a good first day. :)
Had a rough start to the weekend but it turned out well. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

flower birthday

Boo had a birthday. She is a whole stinkin' five years old. I cannot believe that time has flown by so fast. She is acts like such a big girl before I know it she'll be 12. AHHH.

Since the day after her birthday last year, she has requested a flower party.  Since her birthday was on a Sunday and the day before was pretty busy I got her to be okay with not a party but a flower birthday.  I made 9 balloon flowers and I can't believe I didn't get a single picture with them in it. darn.  I wanted to make her birthday more special than normal Sunday dinner with grandma and grandpa and her cousin, so I told her she could invite 2 friends over for cake and ice cream...which ended up being 3 friends. So it totally ended up feeling a party but oh well. She was ecstatic. She loves birthdays.

I'm so glad she is a part of our family. So much love.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

parenting fail

A week ago or so Boo had fire safety week at school. I would say she loved seeing the fire men and learning about stop, drop and roll. That same week I saw a clip on the Today show about how families don't have a fire safety plan. So I thought why not. I added it to my lesson about being prepared with the 72hour back packs.  Apparently, she is not ready. I should her how to touch the door to see if it's hot and crawl on the floor and how to open a window to get out if needed. GG also tested the fire alarms. She did not like that sound. At the end of the lesson she said, "I didn't like that lesson".

And now last night she woke up being afraid of a fire and that fire fighters would make it in time . She had a rough night, so we had a rough night, and so did little miss because they now share a room. Ugh.

Yes I am a worried but I felt like I did it matter of factly and shared this isn't likely but we need to be prepared. ....right now I wish I waited another year.  I remember waking up and talking to my mom because I was scared of a fire....I had several dreams growing up where our family got separated. Now I went and made my daughter go through the same thing. Fail.

Monday, October 20, 2014

1 year

Happy Home Ownership Anniversary to US!
one year! It has gone by so fast. We love our home. We are still learning of it's "special-ness" but it is still a great house and in a great neighborhood. So we are happy.

We decided since our home warranty was about up we'd get a few things fixed that we were just kinda waiting until they really broke. Want to hear about some stupid fixes?

For a whole year our garage door remote opener hasn't worked.....the answer after two repairmen and a couple of hours of fiddling around? The security switch was turned out which turns off the remotes. Ha! that was a waste of $60. ...well, not really because now it works. How many times have I gotten out of my car to open and close the garage?!

The other stupid fix. The top heating element in our oven hasn't worked for the whole year. I have baked numerous cakes and batches of cookies. I have learned to be very attentive to what is cooking, turning it around, turning the heat up or down. The guy walks in and looks at and in in one second says the element isn't plugged into the back. That was it! It wasn't plugged in! oh good grief!

Ahh well. We live and learn!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

falling for fall

It is beautiful around here! I love that there are so many trees in my neighborhood and I love even more that I don't actually have any deciduous trees in my own yard. :) no leaves to clean up...unless they blow in our yard.  However, I'm thinking we will need to volunteer to help someone clean up their leaves because Boo has learned about jumping in leaves. However, she thinks that just jumping in leaves laying around someone's yard or sidewalk is like jumping into a PILE of leaves. I think it is time for her to have the real experience.

A few weeks ago we got to go and pick a few apples from an orchard and have some fantastic donuts...really these are the best.

For fall break we were going to go to the pumpkin patch but it rained. My smart hubby had the thought to go to the Roller Skating Museum. It's been on our list for awhile so we went and did. It was probably the most fascinating museum I have ever been to. :) Usually my eye gloss over, I yawn and mossy on through, just antsy for it to be over but I LOVE ROLLER SKATING. So I was totally interested. hehe.

Then we went to the pumpkin patch a couple of days later. I am so glad we went in the afternoon while school was still in AND that we had free passes. Super expensive. And it was C-RAZY busy when we left. If I even had to wait in a line that long I would have said, "FORGET IT!" Seriously, I hate crowds. I hate that everyone else is doing it. Anyway, it was fun. And sadly, it is the closest thing our state has to an amusement park and it is a fall novelty. I can't even imagine how much dough they are raking in. Anyway, it was fun and GG and the girls loved it. 

Happy Fall Ya' All

Saturday, October 4, 2014

B. E. Prepared!

B.E. Prepared! B.E. Prepared! ( like a little cheer) :)

It's that time of year again. 72 hour kit rotation time! Every 6 months around general conference I go through the kits and take out the expiring food and buy some more.  I kinda get excited about it but at the same time it is a lot of work. Here are some of my thoughts about 72 hour kits and getting them together:
- buy food you want to eat and it makes it fun to rotate because you get to eat it.
-buy what you can from the dollar store. This was the first time I did that and it happened by accident and I found some good buys there. (i bought chicken salad/ crackers (before I bought tuna and crackers for one of the meals...this chicken salad things was, obviously, only a dollar. However, I have no idea how it tastes.)
-as much as i want to have complete meals, it's an emergency and we'll be happy for something small that will give us enough energy to get through.
-keep it so you can carry it
-think about little kids being able to open the food if you weren't there (I hate thinking that we might not be together but at least they could eat despite all my other worries)
-small steps. that is the only thing that makes emergency preparedness possible for me. I'm still not completely prepared for 72 hours away from home with no access to all comforts but little by little I hope we will.  I try to collect things here and there.

my plan is that on Monday night we'll have a family home evening where we talk with Boo about emergencies and what to do. And show each family member their back pack and where everything is.
Last time when I was shopping for supplies a cashier asked why I was buying something (I don't remember what but I mentioned 72 hour kits and he had no idea what that was.  For some people it doesn't even cross their mind to be prepared for an emergency. I don't know how people live like that. Since I am a worry-wart, "the idea" of being prepared is comforting and something I hope for but I'm a long way from being prepared enough that I have peace and comfort knowing that we have what we need.

Anyway, B.E. prepared! :)

Friday, September 26, 2014

forever 23 is gone....

Sad news friends. I'm no longer perpetually 23. What happened?  I'm shocked. I've started to see some of the signs: the grey hair and a few wrinkles around my eyes. But when I changed my facebook profile picture, I clicked on the picture that takes you to the next picture in the profile album, it popped up a picture from when I was actually 23, no take that back, 24.  But that young little lady is starting to transition into...something, um...well, something older.

ahh well, the only thing that comforts me is that my husband is starting to look older too and we get to grow old together. Wrinkles and all. ahhh wedded bliss!

Here's to the new "forever 30". My goal: to look 30 until I'm 40 and then I will have to figure something else out.....but I think I just cringed writing 40. That doesn't seem possible, see I'm stuck in my twenties. This might be hard to let my mind accept that I am indeed getting older.

I also did some math the other day while walking to pick up Boo from school. I figured by the time Little Miss and any other hopeful children are done with this elementry school, I will be in my 40's. That is so weird.

okay. enough.  I will accept that I am older and be okay with it. Embrace it.  30, flirty and thriving...right? (from the movie 13 going on 30).

when i grow up...

So we took Boo to the dentist. She did awesome! She never once complained about her mouth hurting or feeling numb during or after. I squirmed in my chair more than she did when they gave her the shot to numb her mouth. Seriously, she is a super star when it comes to the dentist and doctors. ...little miss on the other hand, freaks out.

The dentist and the assistant who were working on her teeth asked I'd she wanted to be a doctor or dentist when she grew up she said "no". They asked a couple of other things including a princess to which she replied with something like, " we don't have those anymore". Realizing that I have never asked her this before I was intensely curious about this conversation. Finally, I jumped in and asked, "what do you want to be?" She answered with a smile, " a mom."  I'd be lying if I said my eagles didn't water a bit and my heart swell up with pride and love. Maybe i'm not doing such a terrible job if she wants to be a mom too.

Monday, September 22, 2014

a picture post

Its been awhile since I've shared pictures so 'ere we go.....

Boo practicing her primary talk on the Holy Ghost....

 My messy eater:
Tea party from these not completely refined little ladies...When you think of tea party manners it doesn't apply to 4 year olds. It was funny and cute.
 Family pictures...probably the only one she didn't need to photoshop at least one of us....I didn't realize how hard it is to get 4 of us together and not doing something un-photogenic, and I'm only showing one...I've got surprise some of you when the Christmas card comes!

Here are a few I snapped this morning with my...ugh! 8 year old camera (really, can it be that old already...I know its pathetic compared to the cameras I've seen but really?) anyway, we do with what we've got (sometimes). They were looking so stinkin' cute this morning we snapped a few before we ran off to take Boo to school and did a few more with little miss...

Did I do good? huh? huh?? I have photoshop elements but I really don't know what I'm doing with it mostly I did the "auto correct" or "smart something-a-rather".

What I really wish is that I had a camera on me at all times and that my kids were numb to it, so they would just keep doing what they are doing. I see some of the most beautiful pictures everyday that are only captured in my heart. Seriously, I wish I could capture the sweetness of my girls playing together, giving each other kisses, the smiles and giggles.  There are so many tender moments that I just need to remember when all the craziness and yelling/screaming (depending on which one is doing it) and madness happen.  I do love my kids. I wish, oh so very much that grow up to be exactly who Heavenly Father wants them to be...and that I don't screw them up somehow. :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I had a thought on Saturday night that I should blog about being a mom. I love being a mom. 24 hours later however, I remembered how I had that thought and I couldn't remember why I was thinking that because at the moment, I didn't love mommyhood. Seriously, why is being a mom so hard? I know how WONDERFUL it is, because it really is the best, but some days it's hard to see life with the right eyes. Do you know what I mean? One day, you can only see the smiles and whistle while you work and then the next day you are yelling, your kids are screaming, dinner is impossible and you are just waiting and praying that your husband will walk through the door and relieve all the tension and give you just one moment to breathe and hear yourself think for one second.  *sigh* 

I know all you moms have been there a hundred million times before-it's part of this job we signed up for being the supposed- to -be -all- knowing, soothing, exciting, creative, brilliant, inspiring, devoted and loving MOM. I just wish the easy days out numbered the hard ones. And maybe they do, it's just hard to remember that. And it's hard to remember that your life has purpose and meaning as you clean your house again and again, change another dirty diaper, remind your child that we do not put objects into the toilet or eat things out of the garbage, etc etc etc.....

Being a mom is what I want to do. I've never been able to figure out what it is that I could do as a profession, nothing really stood out to me, "like hey, that would be fun", or "I could do that". But being a mom was what I knew I wanted to be a part of my life and that I wanted to be able to choose to stay home with them. So here I am...just keeping my head above water sometimes just trying to figure it out. 

oh, sigh. I'm just now remembering why I thought to write about Saturday night. And it's not anything that I just wrote...that all just comes from the last few days exhaustion.  This is what was happening Saturday: 
Little Miss woke up from her nap Saturday feeling a little feverish, then I saw her her plugged with gunk inside. I took her to the clinic. I knew at that moment she had an ear infection and that the one from a month ago never went away. How awful do you feel as a parent knowing your child had been in pain for over a month?! She hardly shows it but I knew at times something was bothering her but I just chalked it up to teething. poor girl. She just feel asleep in my arms that night she was so exhausted from the pain and trauma of going to the doctor (she does not like them, at all).

 And Miss Boo is supposed to get crowns...ideally 4 crowns made of silver. I had no idea that her teeth would have any problems. She has so much space in her teeth. We don't, I mean my kids, don't eat tons of sugar. we don't drink pop. we don't do fruit snacks or candy really. I'm really at a loss. What else can I do?  It moments like this you feel like a bad mom, even though I know, that is just the way things go sometimes.  But I feel so bad she has to have silver teeth and I'm afraid it will show in her smile. And for some reason, I feel like I'll be judge as a bad mom. I feel like I should have been able to prevent it for her. And poor Boo, she has no idea what is store for her. She likes the doctors and dentists but she has never had a shot in her mouth, oh how a deplore those things!!!! And then as she turns into a pre-teen, when you start becoming self-conscious and looks start becoming important, she'll still have a mouth of silver.  

Oh to be a mom! Oh, how we strive to protect, prevent, care and fix everything...but then we know we can't. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

the visitors

GG's mom stopped by on her way home from her mission. We took the day to hang out down town with Nonna and her friend.

 my attempt at a selfie with Little miss...i think she kinda looks like me in this picture:
 We hit up the doughnut hole with his mom.
At first it seems weird that it's a bacon doughnut but it's not, bacon and doughnuts are both breakfast foods, they mix. just a novelty that's all. I tasted the peach doughnut, pretty yummy. I can see myself really enjoying it after I go ice skating in the little plaza outside it's door. :) this winter, it should definitely happen.

No picture, but we also ate at Sebastian's. Ummm. I liked the eating area, felt like you in a personal library. Book shelves with books on them. Nice wood tables and leather high back chairs. The food, a little different. It is served on small plates. And order small plates of food to share with others at your table. I'm glad we tried it but will likely not be back again.

It was a quick visit but we thankful she could stop in and that we have a place for her to stay now. :)

"fall" is here

Fall is here, rather fall activities are here: Football and school.

It has indeed begun. Football season is here. I wish I could find the joy that others have for football but I don't understand the great love and passion people have to center their lives around following a team or sport, to the point that a loss of a game can ruin their day or weekend. I should get it, I live in football land. I'm married to a former football player and coach. (But I must say that he does very well balancing it, probably because he doesn't have time, and managing his emotional involvement in the game.  I knew when I was dating him, while he was on the team, that he was different than others that I had been around. He could have a terrible loss put it behind him and still go and have a good time with me on a date that same night.) Talking about football Monday morning after a football game is like talking about a major weather event like a tornado, it's something that everyone personally experienced and can relate to.

Anyway, football is football. It's a part of my life and that's okay as long as I don't have to be emotionally involved in it.

I realize I might be speaking blasphemy right now and I might be shunned given the timing of this post and my location......uhhhhhh

Onto real life as I like to think of it. Boo started Preschool! She goes to the elementary school and it makes it feel too real...that she is really going to school and she well on her way to graduating from high school.  AHHH it goes to fast!!  Boo tried to comfort me saying "it will be okay, I'll give you a hug." for the record, I don't think she has given me a hug goodbye. In fact, she hardly said goodbye that first day. When I picked her up she asked if we just waited outside the whole time.

She seems to enjoy it. I'm waiting for it to tire her out so she'll want to take a nap...a couple of people have mentioned that it has happened in their kids but it hasn't happened yet she just comes home hungry. (they feed her breakfast and lunch in a three and half hour period...and she has breakfast when she wakes us...she should not be hungry). anyway.

Well friends, Happy fall. Happy football season for all you avid fans.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

silly hat bike ride

Despite the title, we did not wear silly hats on a bike ride.

We went on another outing on the trail. I ran at least twice as much as I did before but without that bounce in my step that I had before, boo rode her bike again and did awesome, minus a few accidents...I'll get to that in a minute.

I loved running beside her. She was just leisurely riding her bike singing, "silly hat, silly hat...." It was so cute... it just tickles me as I remember looking at her from the back swerving a little with the handle bars, as she is still learning, seeing her "crinkly" hair flowing out of her Minnie mouse helmet singing a song she learned from Barney.

Now she rode her bike non-stop for a long distance so she is definitely improving, however she has yet to learn how to look in another direction with out moving the handle bars. We were crossing the street at a cross walk and another bike was coming from the other direction. Boo's attention turned to the bike passing her. I was behind with little miss in in the stroller watching this happen with gg closer to her. It all happened slowly, boo's bike began veer in the direction of the other biker, and she kept going until she crashed into the other bike's back wheel, and Boo tumble to the street. No one was injured minus a small scrape, thankfully, and makes it funny to remember.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

little campers

Last week we went "camping". Apparently camping in Nebraska is not camping.  But what is camping? Is it being in the middle of no where? Or is it simply sleeping in a tent and a campfire?  I agree that our camping wasn't hard core by any means.  We went to a state park where we camped surrounded by a lot of other campers, literally RV campers there were only a few other tents.  There were bathrooms and showers one campsite over...nice to have but it was far enough I had to get in the car in the middle of the night to take Boo. not fun.  We also had an electrical outlet, which we used to blow up our air mattress and plug in our griddle for pancakes in the morning.  :) we were really roughing it, I know. But if I'm going to go camping that's how I like it. It's convenient and I feel safer. I am not a in-the-middle-of-no-where camper.
We had fun and I think Boo had fun. It was the first time we went as a family.

We let Boo do a pony ride. we thought about the trail rides but didn't think that would go over too well with Little Miss and it cost a lot. Boo was quite happy with riding this poor pony that is forced to go around in a circle.

Paddle boats. Little Miss and I had to get off early because she was ready to jump over and play in the nasty lake water. 

We also went to the driving range and the tower that overlooks the Platte river.

Next time, I think we should try for two nights but I was kinda done by noon and anxious to get Little miss home for a nap and me for a shower.  It's amazing how camping makes you feel gross.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

feelin alive

We went on a family outting on the trail this week. Boo was on her bike so we were able to run with her when she was riding well. I got started running and it felt so good. I ran further than I've ran since boo was born. I could here Jillian Michaels voice running through my mind, "this is easy for you. You're strong. You should be floating in the air and feel alive". And I felt all those things. I don't say this to brag because it really wasn't that far but I want to remember that running felt good and easy for probably the first time in my life. Running isn't my cup of tea but now I know I can do it.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

growing up

It's not official yet but the possibility of Boo going to preschool next year is very real and I'm freaking out a bit. I'm completely surprised at my reaction to all of this. Boo is sooo ready for school. She doesn't even blink an eye when we mention school, granted she probably doesn't realize that once she goes she doesn't stop for 20 more years. ugghhh. How did she get to be so old to be gone everyday for 4ish hours? How did I not take advantage of it more? How do I slow down time so that the next month becomes a year?   This feeling that I have feels very familiar. It feels like the same anxiety I had during the time between saying yes to GG's proposal and the wedding date. It's a feeling of impending change, really, the fear of the unknown and time just ticking away until the marked day.

I'm afraid that school will change her. I'm afraid that she will no longer be content with just sitting at the table and coloring for an hour or so. I'm afraid she won't just sit in her room playing with her dolls for hours, or reading books.  I'm afraid she'll no longer find joy in the simple things of being a kid. I'm afraid she'll want a crazy structure and have something happening all the time.

I know it sounds all so dramatic typed up but I know it's life and it will be good...despite this crazy feeling inside. I want so much to hold on to these years.

 I thought while talking about Boo, I'd also share some of her pictures:
Check out that dress! This is why I think there is a small chance that she could become a fashion designer...what kid puts designs on dresses? (hopefully the actual dress is not see through so that you can see the woman's legs, just sayin')

Another dress design. Thankfully, her puff sleeves are finally looking like puff sleeves...they didn't always look like puff sleeves...just two suspiciously perfectly placed round things a on a female stick figure. 

I love the small figure, I assume it is the back of the girl showing that she is wearing butterfly wings.

 I don't know if this is a family but look at all those people! When I was in kindergarten I was supposed to draw my siblings for a little book. I just drew their faces...its hard to draw 12 people but look at Boo drawing all those people. Yep, I'm kinda on a "boo is super duper fantastic" post....
 And what the heck is this? She drew a picture of someone laughing at another because of how she looks....doesn't that make you so sad?! (And if that picture is Boo with blond hair, this is not a "boo is super duper fantasic" post). Boo has something against buns in her hair or maybe something about the dress.

 This is like a smart super butterfly woman with a ballon:
That's all. Remember when I told you how she wanted to have a stand to sell all her pictures? Now you've seen a sampling, any takers for original art by Boo? :) jk, but no really, she'd be so delighted...any uncles that want to move to the top of the of the favorite uncle list???? haha...

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

let freedom ring

I don't know why I've been dragging my feet in getting ready for the 4th. I realized Sunday that the 4th was this week and I better get my act together. I finally changed my spring decorations over. Maybe part of the reason is because i have to think up and create the decorations this year since there are new things a spaces in the house.  And I try to be especially creative by not spending any money, just using what I've got.

 I'm in the process of making these tin cans for the cutlery for our neighbor bbq. However, as I was finding a picture to put on the blog I found one where they used red tape and star stickers- REALLY CUTE. But it would cost me money so we'll stick with what we've got.

I'm going to do these stars on our lawn. Spray with water and then sift flour on.

I think I have a plan for dessert I'm taking. I think sugar cookies with m&M's in a flag shape and sugar cookies with strawberries and blueberries in star shape. And pretty much any of the ideas on this blog from Our Best Bites is an option for me at this point. 

Our primary is going to do a parade at our ward breakfast. I bought bubbles and flags for those who don't have bikes to ride. Should I buy batteries for our super old cd player so they can have music? Is that what people do for parades? My parents neighborhood parade is basically a glorified bike ride/walk behind a fire music. I always felt that the parade was lacking but it is still fun to see all the decorated bikes/wagons etc.  thoughts? And if I were to bring music what would be the best song? Grand ol' flag???

Anyway, I'm getting excited. I even took way too many hours trying to do a patriotic nail art on my toes. But I was watching a movie by myself and it kept me occupied. They are pretty cute for an amateur, if I do say so myself. :)

Happy 4th of July planning so that your holiday can be an joyful and relaxing and not hurried or stressed. :)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sleeping babes

Every night I check in on my girls before I head off to bead. Sometimes, I feel like a child in the middle of the night peeking at the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve to see what Santa has left me. My children are definitely the best presents in my life EVER.

I took these pictures the last few nights:

Night one:
(Notice all her toys have bows in their hair or on them somehow)
  Thought I'd grab a picture of this sleeping babe while I was at it:
that position doesn't look comfortable at all.

 Night Two:
 love the pile of bows by her head
 Night three:
no crazy piles of stuff on her bed, thank goodness, but this is another thing she does when she is supposed to be sleeping, she'll lay out her outfit for the next day. I can't complain  about her doing that. But i think it's funny she's got her shoes laid out and her headband and any accessories she plans on wearing that day.
Sometimes I really wonder what Boo is going to grow up to be. A hair stylist? even though she doesn't want her own hair done. An artist? since she spends so many hours coloring? A fashion designer (she's getting pretty creative with her outfits she draws)... So far those are her biggest hobbies. can't say sports is going to be her forte but she might surprise us. I don't know. Today we hung out with a bunch of youth from church and realize it will only be a short amount of time until she gets to go to youth conference.  oh time flies. sigh.

Monday, June 9, 2014

skinny fat

I was talking with a couple of friends tonight about exercise and I mentioned a blog post I read that has helped inspire me to keep going and to realize that I shouldn't be afraid of building muscle....I still remember a term she said "skinny fat" those who are skinny but don't have muscle. I'm still afraid of having bulky muscular arms but I'm more afraid of flabby soft arms. Anyway, in case those friends look at my blog, this is the post from Our Best Bites ( a food blogger!!!) About her weight loss journey.

Funny how I did this post after the sweet treats post huh? Like I said before I'm working out but I still haven't forced myself to change my eating my sweets oh so much.