Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another wreath

Fall Bubble Wreath Sounds like the technique is something that was hugely popular in the 90's ?? I think it looks cute....When I saw it I said, "I think that might be the wreath for me"...maybe.

Shoe box lid art

Shoe box lid art

What could I do with this? Do I like this idea just because it came from shoe box lid?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tried it and Loved it

I'm super excited about a new blog Stacey is starting called Tried it and Loved it. It's going to be a recipe blog where she *plans* to post a recipe a day of foods that she has tried and loved. I'm super excited about this...I just wish that I had thought of it first! ;)  She does have some pretty tasty recipes and generally if she likes it, I'll like it. So I'm putting a link her on my side bar and I'm sue I'll be linking back to her blog several times. :) 

Last night we had Pioneer Potato Soup-which Stacey actually introduced me to. I would have NEVER tried this recipe on my own because generally I do not like potato soups...and rarely even think of soups but I love this, its soo tasty.  I should have taken a picture but I forgot and GG has the left overs with him at school.

My notes on this recipe..It needs bacon. We made it once without it was definitely lacking. We also like to serve it with the Artisan Bread that I previously posted about.  This recipe is so tasty we ate it twice this month.

Pioneer Potato Soup
1 quart chicken stock (you can use canned chicken broth but once again my sister introduced me to bouillion cubes to make your chicken broth..I imagine it is probably much cheaper than canned broth)
4 potatoes, chopped (about 4 cups)
2 C. sliced carrots
1/2 C sliced celery
1/4 C chopped onion
1 t salt
1/2 t marjoram, dill weed, or cumin (I use marjoram)
1/8 t white pepper
1 C milk or half and half
2 T flour
Garnishes: paprika, sliced green onion, crispy cooked and crumbled bacon, chopped chives, parsley, or parmesan cheese (I have only ever used bacon, parsley and added a little cheese)

Comine all ingredients except milk, flour and garnishes in large saucepan. Bring to boiling; simmer 30 minutes. Gradually add milk to flour, stirring until smooth. Stir into soup. Bring soup to boiling; boil for 1 minute stirring constantly. Garnish. 4-6 servings.

Happy eating!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm going crazy!!..crafting crazy

No, really I am. I've been visiting Pinterstt and my mind seems alive with ideas...not my ideas of course...somebody elses. (See told you I'm crazy). So not only am I collecting ideas from blogs but from Pinterest which is blogging on steroids...???(not sure about that analogy).

Here is a headband I made that I got the idea from Pinterest. It originally came from Alisa Burke's blog.

 I love it because braids are all the rage in least from what I can tell on Pinterest...(I'm crazy I told you). But I have a difficult time braiding my hair cute like everyone else does. So ahh, perfect solution...I just have to make sure my hair is teased big(and stays that way) so this headband doesn't look huge against my flat hair. :)

Last night I made Orange Chicken, that I got from Sister's Stuff. I love this recipe but it didn't have all the veggies that I want in a good sweet n' sour/chinese recipe. I've been on the look out for a good one for a couple months now. And then last night, I said to myself, "why not?" I threw in half a green and red pepper and half a can of pineapple and it was delicious. The best I've come across so far. I seriously don't feel like I need to eat out at a chinese resturant. I love this recipe.

Serve it over rice. And we like to eat broccoli with it. So yummy.

Here are some other someday crafts that I wanted to show some my friends:

I don't sew but I want to think that I might figure it our for this bag. It would be perfect for church!

Here are some links to some quiet book pages, if anyone is interested. Sorry this is really for my future reference-this post was a file of things I was interested in.

That's all for now, there is more but we'll leave that for another day. :) Toodles.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Roll baby Roll

A child after my own heart.

Anyone who really knows me, knows that I LOVE to rollerskate. I may not be as good as some of my cousins but I love the air rushing by you as you glide along the floor. Ahhh. I'm looking forward to skating with Boo in the near future.

ps. she's still walking around our living room in these skates. LOVE it!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Someday Crafts

Well somehow I accidently hit publish post. So this post is out there...I was using it as a file of crafts I think I might like to do. If you want to do any of these....lets have a craft day!!! :) and at the bottom is something I did!

Burlap Wreath from Craftaholics
She makes it so you can switch up the flowers easily for other seasons...I'm not sure what to. Maybe different colored flowers.
Halloween Wreath by Craftaholics

She also made a Christmas Wreath using white burlap and some cute buttoned red flowers.

Braided chain Necklace with Flower posted on Ucreate by Happy Go Lucky
Look how cute this girl's beaded necklace is! From the Idea Room. I'm totally making these!

I also want to make these little peg dolls. I wonder if Boo will even want to play with them or not but I want to try. I can't find the original blog that I found them but I found this blog that shows you what they look like...not as cute as the ones I saw but close enough. The blog I saw them on even made super heros and other dolls that were appropriate for boys.

So I've been working on a quiet book for Boo. I've been making it using paper, foam and felt sheets. I knew that if I tried making a sewed quiet book I'd never do it. So far it has helped out Sundays out TREMENDOUSLY! And I need any help I can since its just me during sacrament meeting anymore. I just make a new page every so often, stick it in a sheet protector, slip it into her quiet book binder and were good to go.  I know they won't last forever but thats ok, its doing it job now and that is what my sanity needs. :)  SO here is my favorite page that I finished up last night.

I just use magnets, so it isn't absolutely pretty but it works. I haven't let her play with it yet but hopefully she loves it. (wishful thinking maybe) :)