Tuesday, March 29, 2011

mommy blues

These are the days I was worried about when I quit my job. The days where I don't feel like I have purpose. I just look forward till my Gentle Giant comes home, any tv shows I like to watch and then bed time. Ugh, I just wish March, and winter for that matter, were over! Anyone else feeling this way? I'm just hoping its the weather.

I try to conjure up the motivation to do one cleaning project a day. I have no desire to exercise. I used to make sure I got out once a day but I just end up spending money and I have no desire to go out in the cold or snow.  I keep thinking I should work on our wedding scrapbook ( its been almost three years and its not done yet) but it seems like too much work especially with two little hands that would love to help. oye.

Spring, oh dear spring, will you come and stay for awhile?? ...without tornadoes?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Here it is!!

We're debuting our new family blog...or my blog about our family, lets be honest its been A LONG time since the Gentle Giant has posted anything. But it's still about our family...and my interests. :) (Still love you babe!)

Besides just wanting a new blog (not sure why, it's like wanting a new shirt or pair of shoes even though you don't need them. You just want something fresh and new.), we wanted a blog that didn't have our personal info all over it.

This here, is the Gentle Giant
(we're going wedding style...just because that's when we looked best. :)

He gets his name from my sister. Back when I was trying to figure out what to do once I graduated college, my sister told me that there was a Gentle Giant in the singles ward back home that I could date. I came home, not because of the gentle giant but because I was poor, although I was always intrigued and curious about him. It wasn't until a year later that he asked me out on a date. I thought it was just a date but quickly found out he had intentions. :)

This is me, I don't know that I have a blog name, I don't know that I'll need one unless the Gentle Giant blogs.
This is probably my all time favorite picture of me because uh, well, I never look like that. I feel a bit deceiving putting that picture up.  

And this is our pride and joy, Miss Boo. She can be a bit crazy but that is what just melts our hearts. I just can't get enough of her hugs and kisses.
(That is a skirt on her head that she apparently thought should be a hat.)