Saturday, April 28, 2012

Let us eat Cake!

Pinterest isn't working for me today and that has made me realize how much I depend on Pinterest. It isn't just a place that I pin things that look cool with only a slight chance of me using. It's my recipe book. I love finding recipes and trying them. I decided that I love to cook and try new recipes-most of the time. The foods are usually fairly similar and not outrageous. I am picky with my food and not extremely adventureous but I'm getting better. Anyway, this post if for a back up storage-in case Pinterest doesn't work again sometime in the future.

My mom gave me some chocolate cake when I was visiting her house yesterday.  It was homemade (not out of a box). It tasted somewhat like a Ding-Dong, Ho-HO....or some kind of chocolate snack cake. I can picture using this for cupcakes with a cream filling and this yummy sour cream frosting- or cake balls (never made them but I think this would make good ones).   And I would definitely make this for as a plain chocolate cake.

It came from Midwest Living Magazine.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy thoughts

Sometimes I don't like that my blog is mostly about my daughter but sometimes I just want to just share how fun she is- sometimes I need the reminder. Especially, after days of her pushing, screaming and biting her cousin, its good for me to remember how fun and cute she is.

One of my favorite things she says is "much fun" instead of "so much fun". My favorite time she uses it is when I lay on the floor and cuddle with her at bedtime. She'll look at me with a big smile on her face and say "much fun!" When she says that I hear "I love you".  (btw, she sleeps on the floor and has completely given up on the toddler bed, and I'm mostly okay with that).

Sometimes we take walks on the bike trail where she walks instead of riding in the stroller. Whenever she sees someones about 20 feet away she'll start waving her hand enthusiastically and start saying "hi" in her deep voice. It's so funny. The old people love her!

She just looked out the window and saw a dog and she started saying "hi" in her baby voice (similiar to how we talk to babies). Then she said "toot doogie" meaning "cute".

(This was taken probably sometime in the fall)

Friday, April 13, 2012

My little artist

Boo's First Portrait. I'm so proud. It's of her daddy.  She had a circle on her paper and I said that it looked like daddy. And then I asked her about eyes and then she drew them, then the smile, ears and nose. She's the one that decided he needed toes and that's how we got the arms and legs. 

Just thougt I'd include this one, I love her pout look....sometimes. :) 

I also wanted to say  sorry for making the "weighed down" post so depressing. I was just sharing my thoughts that have been occupying my mind and well, weighing me down a bit but I really am happy doing well.  As my sister shared with me in her comments ""(I)have a pink kink in your think. Bound, Bound and Rebound. You're doing great, just keep it up. Just look around! "  Thanks for you love and support.
the link is to the short video before a pixar movie.
You're doing great, just keep it up!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

making my mouth happy

I really love food. I love it when I make food (most of the time) and I love it when others make it. I love looking at recipes at on pinterest.
One day I mistakenly said I had made 75% of the food items that I had pinned on Pinterest. I went home and counted. I had made only 25%. With probably good intentions of making at least 75% of them. :) So my new goal is to make 75% of them-to make my words true.

Here are a few that I've tried and loved!

This is Tuscan  Garlic Chicken and this is my picture. It turned out FANTASTIC.  It's a more involved recipe but so delicious. Hello homemade Olive Garden dish. yum.yum.

These Lemon White Chocolate Truffles

These Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies taste like Reese's peanut butter cups.

These are wonderful in my mouth and in my tummy, not so much my thighs...ha. :) I need to learn to love to exercise again.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

weighed down

It's been a long time since I blogged....again. I guess the blogging world has lost some of it's excitement for me. I'm trying decide if it's something I should put my mind to fixing or just let it be.
Here are some random pieces of our life:

We went to Oklahoma to visit GG's brother for Easter. We had enjoyable time with family. Our niece got baptized-which was a very lovely event. We went swimming with the family at the hotel pool. Boo was very leery of the swimming pool and didn't even want to change into her swimsuit. So she and I sat and watched them until finally she decided it was time. I'll have to wait for some pictures from Nonna (gg's mom). She was super cute on her little boat thing. She picked up on how to move all over the pool in it in no time. I also got my first foot zone from his sister in law. It was an intriguing experience to learn how your feet tell what is going on in the rest of your body. I'd recommend it.

Here's a picture of her finding her basket that the Easter Bunny and helpers filled so generously.  She loves it!

I feel like I've had a bad month, or two or three, where my filter has not been working well and I spurt out things that come off sounding offensive or just wrong.  Does anyone else feel that way? Or is it just me. I really have been struggling lately and its driving me crazy. Maybe I don't get out enough.

I've decided that I need an adjustment with my attitude with money. I'm not sure how to go about that but I've got to stop feeling so offended and robbed everytime I get a bill. I'm just tired of giving people my money when I didn't plan on giving it to them. Pretty much our tax return went to a crown for me...I wish it was the tiarra kind but no, tubes for boo's ears, brakes for our van, and other medical expenses. I'm praying for a much more relaxed year but then again, we are almost at our max out of pocket for the year and its only April-so we could get some free work. :) jk. I'd really rather not.  I need to just stop being bitter and realize the blessings that we have.

The other thing that has been in my mind lately-which incidently is probably one of those things that have come out wrong-has been when friends are talking about children. I am impressed by their ability to handle more than one child yet the very idea of having two children in my care around the clock stresses me out.  I want another child, I really do, but it terrifies me. Some of you know that in January we had our second miscarriage. Like probably almost all women who have miscarriages we don't know why but I'm trusting the Lord that this is not the right timing for us. And that it just might be more than I can handle right now. But I realize I need to stop saying out loud how difficult it seems and start being more positive and figure out how I can learn to manage 2 children all day, everyday. I really do love being a mom. I love Boo and I can't wait to love another little baby.

SOoooo this was a LOT longer than anticipated...just spilled my brains here. It appears I have been a stressed out, weighed down bummer lately. goodness. Hopefully by putting all this out there, clearing the brain waves it will open up the window to more blogging. ...maybe. No promises. 

Here are a few pictures of Boo. She likes to wear our shoes- in this one she's wearing one of my (grandma-looking work shoes) and GG's shoes.

Have a good one friends.