Friday, November 1, 2013

The Trick, the treat and the BOO-tiful.

It was nice to have a home to celebrate Halloween in. Plenty of kids in the neighborhood-but I decided I don't need as much candy as I thought I would-but in the beginning I was only giving the kids one a piece-but they would look at me expectantly for more. I decided, I think pretty firmly, that my children will not be trick or treating past age of twelve maybe thirteen. Trick or treating is a kids activity-when you're older, carrying around a pillow case-forget it. You are no longer "cute" you just look greedy. Get a job and buy your own candy. However, I realize they are the ones that could actually "trick" you in order to get a treat. The little kids don't need to give an ultimatum of "trick or treat" we'd willing give them all the candy in our buckets. It's the older kids that have to scare me enough to give them a treat to go away....I guess that is all the more reason I don't want them knocking on my door.

We have way too much candy in our home- I like it but I might be putting on my maternity clothes back on in a few months if I don't stop devouring it.  I heard of this thing called a "switch witch". Where the kids keep a few pieces of candy and then they leave it in a certain spot. Then at night the witch comes and switches it for a toy. Not a fan. What a waste of candy! And what did they do to "earn" a toy? My friend who was talking about it said that they key is NOT to keep the candy for yourself but to dispose of it. As long as they can dispose of it by giving it to someone else then I can be okay with the idea of getting rid of it. But I really don't want to buy a toy for my kids for Halloween. What are birthdays and Christmas for? I might be a little too judgmental...I might change my mind in a year or two. 

Here are our girls- I must say, Boo is one Boo-utiful Snow White. Seriously, cute.

 Little Miss was supposed to be an owl-but apparently she didn't really look like an owl. Maybe the pink threw it off but I did make it out of stuff I already had at home.

Last minute spooky treats for chili dinner with the grandparents. Boo asked if they were ghosts on the water. 
Thankfully Halloween is over and so is October (ordeal of buying a house and cleaning up an apartment is OVER). My only regret is that time has flown by entirely too fast since Little Miss was born. It's like I blinked twice and summer was gone and now fall is half way over. Thanksgiving will be here in a few weeks and then Christmas. My Little Miss will be one before I know it and I will feel like I've been cheated out of time watching her grow up. I do love my girls. They can drive me bonkers but they melt my heart.

Happy Fall Friends!