Wednesday, October 22, 2014

parenting fail

A week ago or so Boo had fire safety week at school. I would say she loved seeing the fire men and learning about stop, drop and roll. That same week I saw a clip on the Today show about how families don't have a fire safety plan. So I thought why not. I added it to my lesson about being prepared with the 72hour back packs.  Apparently, she is not ready. I should her how to touch the door to see if it's hot and crawl on the floor and how to open a window to get out if needed. GG also tested the fire alarms. She did not like that sound. At the end of the lesson she said, "I didn't like that lesson".

And now last night she woke up being afraid of a fire and that fire fighters would make it in time . She had a rough night, so we had a rough night, and so did little miss because they now share a room. Ugh.

Yes I am a worried but I felt like I did it matter of factly and shared this isn't likely but we need to be prepared. ....right now I wish I waited another year.  I remember waking up and talking to my mom because I was scared of a fire....I had several dreams growing up where our family got separated. Now I went and made my daughter go through the same thing. Fail.

Monday, October 20, 2014

1 year

Happy Home Ownership Anniversary to US!
one year! It has gone by so fast. We love our home. We are still learning of it's "special-ness" but it is still a great house and in a great neighborhood. So we are happy.

We decided since our home warranty was about up we'd get a few things fixed that we were just kinda waiting until they really broke. Want to hear about some stupid fixes?

For a whole year our garage door remote opener hasn't worked.....the answer after two repairmen and a couple of hours of fiddling around? The security switch was turned out which turns off the remotes. Ha! that was a waste of $60. ...well, not really because now it works. How many times have I gotten out of my car to open and close the garage?!

The other stupid fix. The top heating element in our oven hasn't worked for the whole year. I have baked numerous cakes and batches of cookies. I have learned to be very attentive to what is cooking, turning it around, turning the heat up or down. The guy walks in and looks at and in in one second says the element isn't plugged into the back. That was it! It wasn't plugged in! oh good grief!

Ahh well. We live and learn!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

falling for fall

It is beautiful around here! I love that there are so many trees in my neighborhood and I love even more that I don't actually have any deciduous trees in my own yard. :) no leaves to clean up...unless they blow in our yard.  However, I'm thinking we will need to volunteer to help someone clean up their leaves because Boo has learned about jumping in leaves. However, she thinks that just jumping in leaves laying around someone's yard or sidewalk is like jumping into a PILE of leaves. I think it is time for her to have the real experience.

A few weeks ago we got to go and pick a few apples from an orchard and have some fantastic donuts...really these are the best.

For fall break we were going to go to the pumpkin patch but it rained. My smart hubby had the thought to go to the Roller Skating Museum. It's been on our list for awhile so we went and did. It was probably the most fascinating museum I have ever been to. :) Usually my eye gloss over, I yawn and mossy on through, just antsy for it to be over but I LOVE ROLLER SKATING. So I was totally interested. hehe.

Then we went to the pumpkin patch a couple of days later. I am so glad we went in the afternoon while school was still in AND that we had free passes. Super expensive. And it was C-RAZY busy when we left. If I even had to wait in a line that long I would have said, "FORGET IT!" Seriously, I hate crowds. I hate that everyone else is doing it. Anyway, it was fun. And sadly, it is the closest thing our state has to an amusement park and it is a fall novelty. I can't even imagine how much dough they are raking in. Anyway, it was fun and GG and the girls loved it. 

Happy Fall Ya' All

Saturday, October 4, 2014

B. E. Prepared!

B.E. Prepared! B.E. Prepared! ( like a little cheer) :)

It's that time of year again. 72 hour kit rotation time! Every 6 months around general conference I go through the kits and take out the expiring food and buy some more.  I kinda get excited about it but at the same time it is a lot of work. Here are some of my thoughts about 72 hour kits and getting them together:
- buy food you want to eat and it makes it fun to rotate because you get to eat it.
-buy what you can from the dollar store. This was the first time I did that and it happened by accident and I found some good buys there. (i bought chicken salad/ crackers (before I bought tuna and crackers for one of the meals...this chicken salad things was, obviously, only a dollar. However, I have no idea how it tastes.)
-as much as i want to have complete meals, it's an emergency and we'll be happy for something small that will give us enough energy to get through.
-keep it so you can carry it
-think about little kids being able to open the food if you weren't there (I hate thinking that we might not be together but at least they could eat despite all my other worries)
-small steps. that is the only thing that makes emergency preparedness possible for me. I'm still not completely prepared for 72 hours away from home with no access to all comforts but little by little I hope we will.  I try to collect things here and there.

my plan is that on Monday night we'll have a family home evening where we talk with Boo about emergencies and what to do. And show each family member their back pack and where everything is.
Last time when I was shopping for supplies a cashier asked why I was buying something (I don't remember what but I mentioned 72 hour kits and he had no idea what that was.  For some people it doesn't even cross their mind to be prepared for an emergency. I don't know how people live like that. Since I am a worry-wart, "the idea" of being prepared is comforting and something I hope for but I'm a long way from being prepared enough that I have peace and comfort knowing that we have what we need.

Anyway, B.E. prepared! :)