Friday, September 25, 2015

Swimming picture

Boo drew this picture at school. ..apparently she did this at the beginning of the yeart given my belly. I looked at this at just laughed.
This girl's attention to detail is amazing.  Each person needs a closer look.  First, daddy:

Love the ears, the funny.
Next :
That is her green striped swimsuit with no outline.  And her hair!! Looks like some dunce cap or something.  Hehe
The next one is me...oh my belly! !!!
And the artist herself:
Well, I think she did a lovely portrait of herself. No craziness there. :) 
It just makes me happy.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Staying alive

Somebody help please! How do you keep a third child alive? And while we are at it, how do I keep the second child alive as well? Seriously. The second child is the root of these problems of staying  alive. She doesn't seem to have any concept of danger or understanding what it means to be hurt.

So let's  start with little miss's problems with staying alive. We have counted 4 times she could have died. Twice choking, once in a pool and once running across the street. Right now it is the latter that has us completely concerned. She knows the rules. She just gets a mischievous look and starts running across the street, other times she stops. And when you stop her from running she just smiles and giggles.  Oye!!!!!
Now, i'm terrified for the life of our baby ( possibly blog name sweet). she probably thinks she's being helpful but instead putting Sweet in danger, you know giving her blankets but putting them on her head, etc. One time running and jumping on the couch only to land in the same area where Sweet is resting. Thankfully, I have only been a minute behind her. How do I stay ahead of little miss? I feel like I need to hold Sweet all of the time while little miss is awake to keep her our of danger. It seriously takes just one minute of my attention to be diverted elsewhere.

 What is a mom supposed to do? How do you teach a two year old how to be safe and the right amount of fear of danger?

I haven't even gotten started about me staying alive or sane yet with three children...but then I have had people and meals that have been easing me into life with 3 kids. Total blessings.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The nicu and our miracle

After our sweet babe was born (blog name still yet to be determined), I was able to hold her for a bit before the nursery nurse came to look at her and noticed her labored breathing. They took her away to give her oxygen. They also had to suck stuff out off her tummy since she swallowed a bunch of stuff while being born.
After a a couple of hours in the nursey not improving they moved her to the nicu. They hooked her up to a cpap, oxygen and stuck a tube down her throat to keep I believe fluid and air out of her tummy. They did x-rays and found she did have some fluids in her lungs. And they put her on antibiotics. It is so sad to see all that happen.
I wasn't worried that something serious was going to be forever wrong with her, especially having been through something similar to Boo's birth. Besides being concerned about the pain and discomfort she was experiencing, and what she'd have to go through to being whole, I was worried about how long her stay would be. I know this might sound awful, but I was concerned financially how a possible 7 day nicu stay would deplete our savings. It was one of my worries from the beginning of this pregnancy, knowing how expensive boo's stay was in the nicu.
As they poked and prodded I remembered my prayer the night before and that we would be blessed with a miracle.
We decided to call my dad over to help give her a blessing.
It was a special moment to call in the blessings of heaven through the priesthood on the behalf our baby.
We could just sit with her and look in on her little bed all hooked up.
(This is after the cpap and tube down her throat )

It wasn't until that evening when we were just sitting in her room that a night nurse let me hold her and nurse her. This was a no-no since she had the tube down her throat trying to keep everything out of her tummy. But I believe that night nurse was our miracle.  She was kind and encouraging telling me that skin to skin and nursing help the baby. It was amazing how holding her calmed her breathing down, I noticed that while I was holding her. After awhile we left. And probably a hour later or so GG went back to get something and she was off the cpap.
So she only was on the cpap and oxygen for 6 hours.  We just had to wait out to make sure she was okay and to finish the antibiotics.
They wanted to keep her longer but I questioned it a bit since she wasn't on anything and was doing fine. They decided to let her come home with me when I was discharged.  I was thrilled to be done with our stay and going home!