Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sleeping babes

Every night I check in on my girls before I head off to bead. Sometimes, I feel like a child in the middle of the night peeking at the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve to see what Santa has left me. My children are definitely the best presents in my life EVER.

I took these pictures the last few nights:

Night one:
(Notice all her toys have bows in their hair or on them somehow)
  Thought I'd grab a picture of this sleeping babe while I was at it:
that position doesn't look comfortable at all.

 Night Two:
 love the pile of bows by her head
 Night three:
no crazy piles of stuff on her bed, thank goodness, but this is another thing she does when she is supposed to be sleeping, she'll lay out her outfit for the next day. I can't complain  about her doing that. But i think it's funny she's got her shoes laid out and her headband and any accessories she plans on wearing that day.
Sometimes I really wonder what Boo is going to grow up to be. A hair stylist? even though she doesn't want her own hair done. An artist? since she spends so many hours coloring? A fashion designer (she's getting pretty creative with her outfits she draws)... So far those are her biggest hobbies. can't say sports is going to be her forte but she might surprise us. I don't know. Today we hung out with a bunch of youth from church and realize it will only be a short amount of time until she gets to go to youth conference.  oh time flies. sigh.

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