Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Sunny Side of Life

So the world seems to like throwing things that want to pull me down but in the midst of it all I have three wonderful people who bring me so much love and joy.

This week Boo and I had a little mommy/daughter date. She didn't quite get the concept of it. I had to convince her to leave Miss B home. We went shopping. She is quite the shoe shopper, a girl after my own heart. :) <3

And then we went and redeemed a coupon for her to get some free icecream from the summer reading program. What flavor did she choose? Vanilla with an incredible amount of dye to make it crazy blue and pink. I think it reminded her of the My Little Pony, Rainbow Dash. (insert eye roll here.)

The other day the fam went for a walk/run/bike ride. Boo did all three. GG walked and ran. I just walked and Little Miss was just was for a nice ride.  But how can I not be so entirely happy when I have this view in front of me?

(wish I had gotten a picture with them running hand in hand with Boo still wearing her helmet).  GG is the BEST BEST BEST dad ever! Seriously, our girls are going to owe a lot of what they learn and become to him.

See, life isn't so rough when you've got wonderful people to fill it. :)

I felt like including this video too. I love this one. If you're mormon you've probably seen in it if not it's a good enjoyable reminder to slow down, lift our eyes and enjoy the small moments that make up our living.