Thursday, November 17, 2011

"Save Thanksgiving" and family pictures

Don't you hate it when life is so busy that you can hardly keep up and then it goes to a slow "I'm not sure what I need to do today, tomorrow or even in a week?" I've been trying to find things to do but I find that I just don't really want to. I'm sure the Thanksgiving festivities will keep next week exciting, it is one of my favorite holidays, afterall.

WARNING: this next part is a rant, so skip down to our family pictures if you'd like. ( i know the two probably shouldn't have been combined...oh well it's how it came out.)

Speaking of Thanksgiving, Younkers is opening at midnight for black friday. Seriously?! STUPID. I hate what is happening to the day of THANKS. Its turning into a day of greed and need. I can't completely blame the stores because there are consumers asking for it to be open earlier!!! I hope those same people who are asking for it to be open at midnight or earlier have to work retail at some point in their lives and realize how much it seriously stinks for the employees. Anyway, sorry for the rant. I signed a petition someone put up on for "Target to Save Thanksgiving". ...heck someone has to.  (if you feel the same way I do, go ahead and sign it. If not, I'm sorry if I offend but think about what you are asking of your cashiers when you ring out at 1:00 am...ask them if they enjoyed their Thanksgiving or if they had to sleep the whole day so they could be there to ring you up.) opps.....sorry. 

ahhmmmm, anyway, here are some of our family pictures. I think our photographer did very well especially since Boo would not sit still or let us hold her for a single picture and once again we picked a windy day. Ahh well. Still love them.

 This is Boo's favorite mode of transportation, Running at high is the cutest little run especially from the back.

 Haha...I secretly love this one because of our faces. we got caught with our mouths open.
 So sweet...maybe a little awkward seeing how GG is squished in the slide but so sweet at the same time.
The Christmas card picture... you'd think she was teething with how much she had her hand in her mouth but she probably had an ear infection there so maybe that was her self soothing efforts.

Once again, LOVE Their faces in this one!

 I really, really wish she was looking up, that little turkey. Otherwise, I love everything about this picture.
SO much fun I love my family. I can never say how thankful I really am for them. My heart just swells with happiness.

well, that post turned out much happier than it started. :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Some peace and quiet...I hope

Seriously, the day after Boo turned 2 it has been Ca-RAZY! No joke. She has woken up almost everynight at 2 freaking out. I don't know what it is she wants but she just jumps up and down, slams her head against her crib and screams at the top of her lungs...well, she actually has a unique scream-its very throaty and it really sounds like it hurts. I've just stopped going in there unless she is "saying" something specific that she needs...not screaming.  HELP.  Sunday was a rough day during sacrament meeting. I was already exhausted from all her outbursts the last few days that trying to keep her occupied and staying in our bench area was just too much. Thankfully, a wonderful lady behind me pulled out her own toy and got Boo's attention for the last five minutes of church.  It was at the right moment because a second before that I gave up. And unless Boo was screaming or jumping on the bench I was going to let her be. ANYWAY, the reason I say all of that was because its providing me an extra incentive to find new things to keep her interest.  Here is what I hope to work on this week:

I'm TOTALLY making this for Boo's Quiet book. I found it on Pinterest but the link didn't work so I don't know where it really came from. This will be so much more fun that her "make a silly face" page...which really was just a "make a happy or sad face".
I think these are a great idea too from Flip Chick Designs. I might need to use simpler pictures for Boo.