Tuesday, December 2, 2014

tis the season, right??

I don't  feel ready for Christmas and yet here it is. My tree is up, which caused me anxiety...and is still giving me anxiety with my curious children. Christmas  movies, music and stories are requested throughout the day. I'm  working on a Christmas program  for a ward Christmas party this weekend. Most of the presents are bought. Christmas cards ordered and ready to be addressed. And somehow I could care less about all this hoopla. I'm just going through the motions, knowing that this is all something very special for my kids and in the end i'll cherish the memories.

 My brother threw a gingerbread house decorating activity the day after Thanksgiving. BOo and I made one together while GG kept little miss occupied.
I'm  hoping that my mood changes and I can catch the spirit and magic of the season.

Here a cute pic a friend took of the girls. Love it!

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