Friday, January 31, 2014


I swear whenever I say something I jinx myself.

I've learned to never say boo is potty trained or doing well. I don't even say it when she and i are in the same places (so there is no chance she can hear it) and inevitably that night she'll have an accident. Not joking. The last time I said it was at yogurtini with friends.

Last night, I was at yogurtini with friends again and I was saying how we didn't have bugs or anything. I did tell them I had a dream where a rat came through our basement window. My stupid mouth! When I got home gg and I went downstairs to play the Wii. I heard something, I have no idea what but it sounded like it came between the tiles and the ceiling.  Gg tried to act like he didn't hear anything because he knows what will happen to me. Now, I'm Leary of going down to do laundry, exercise or hang out. Ohhhhh, not so dear little creature , make haste and leave my house! This house is for humans only!

Does yogurtini hold the power of the jinx or is it just me?

Thursday, January 30, 2014

barbies..a blast from the past

My parents have been cleaning out their storage room and sent me home with a box of my Barbie stuff. Boo found them and is loving them. I wasn't so sure I wanted to let her have Barbies yet but it has happened. One of the first things she said was "she's skinny". I'm not sure it's good or bad that she recognized that already but gg and I were quick to point out that she isn't what we should look like.. and w e don't go walking around on our toes either.

The other thing I'm not sure about is that the outfits are all from the early 90's..and earlier....ugh I'm old. Anyway, the clothes are surprisingly not modest. Halter tops, mid-drift shirts, strapless dresses. At least boo, is frustrated with the inability for the the top and skirt to meet. And the other funny thing is that some of clothes, coats, sweaters are different looking from anything she has ever seen, she keeps asking what they are.

Boo is having a ball with them though. I over heard her playing. One doll looked like she was asking to borrow the boom box and the other replied"alright, but you have to get married".  " oh, alright".   This is what I assumed was happening, could be wrong. But if so that is a pretty steep requirements to borrow a radio.

What are your opinions about letting your little girls play with Barbie dolls given all the negative attitudes about them? I grew up playing with them all the time and I turned well enough, I think.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

night wakers

Bedtime waking is not generally any parents favorite time but I think it's hilarious to watch boo wake up to go to the bathroom. It's probably one of the weirdest things to tickle my heart. The way she walks all groggy like. The wrinkle on face from the light and the small grunts of how even washing your hands in the middle of the night is inconvenient and difficult. I just loved it. Am weird? Weirder still for writing it. :)

Now, I will tell you something I do not love. Little miss waking. She cries and cries. I lay in bed letting her cry, what is supposed to be 10 minutes to find it had been an hour. I think she must quiet down but start crying again. this went on for at least a 2-3hours. I have no idea why she is awake or so persistent. I finally picked her up. She let me just hold her for a bit....and (this I loved) she put her arm around my neck to keep me there. Ahhh. But then she decided she wanted to eat. She shouldn't be hungry. But I give in to try and put an end to this madness. Sleep, baby, sleep.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

our lives are changing

Our life will no longer be the same as we know it. Little miss finally decided to crawl. She's still slow but I imagine it won't last for long. We were starting to wonder if she'd figure out walking first but she finally figured the legs, she had the arms down this weekend.

Baby proofing seems more difficult this time around. We have outlets everywhere, that I need to hide or cover. However, all of our outlets need to be replaced since they don't hold a plug in very well which would mean the won't t hold covers in either. And what do you do with a sister who has toys everywhere..tiny shoes and clothes?

She is also on the verge of having 4 teeth. Since when did babies grow so fast?

Somehow I am so less prepared for her to grow up. She has already tasted French fries..not choice but I suppose that's a great introduction to real food huh? She chewed on a carrot, had those baby puff food that basically dissolved in your mouth.. She hasn't even had cherrios yet and she has had a French fry. Oh well. I suppose It's time I let her try more food, ideally healthy food.

My babe is growing... too fast.

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Do you get in the funk where you'd rather just stay home than go through the work of going out? I know getting out would be good for us since we have more or less been cooped up in here for the last few weeks. Ugh. I suppose since the sickness seems to have simmered down, I better get us dressed and out the door this morning. MOPS here we come......if I really can summon up the motivation and energy to do it...saying and doing are two completely different things.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cold comforts

We're still sick around here. I can't believe it. There has been sickness floating around here for 2 weeks working towards 3. blgh. I keep hoping Boo will hold out and not join the misery.

I thought I share a hot drink mix that I find comforting and possibly healing when faced with colds.

Russian Tea Mix
2 cups Tang mix
3 oz Lemonade mix (I did about 3+ Tablespoons of it)
1/3 C sugar
1/2 t  ground cloves
1 t cinnamon

Mix up it up- store in an airtight container and it should last you for a very long time. Supposedly 3 teaspoons to 1 cup of water (but I like more, I think).

Another thing that I'm finding comforting is boiling a pot of water. I threw in a cinnamon stick and some whole cloves. It makes the water a nasty color but it seems comforting...especially in this dry air to have some warm steam in the home.

Hope you are all avoiding the January sickies and blues. (I really do not favor really is a bummer month.)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

bummer january

I have decided I do not like January. It's long, anti-climatic, cold, incredibly germy and this January-blustery. I'm sick of being stuck at home. Last weekend, I hit a low point emotionally. Thankfully, I have good people who gave each of my days a high point. I had a friend randomly drop by with flowers, visiting teachers, my mom, and even though little miss was sick, I got lots of cuddles from her that day, some time with gg, and some shopping-errand time with boo. If I'm going to make it through another week of this sad month I've got to look for the happy things, instead of gazing out the front window watch the wind blow by.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

a gloomy kind of day

Today is quite blustery, I've sat in our chair for most of the day looking out as the wind blew leaves soaring all around ...and even snow for a bit. It's a day that feels a bit gloomy but then the sun would shine every now and then so it didn't seem so bad.

To add to the gloomy-ness little miss is not feeling well. In the middle of the night she got a fever... 104.7 :( . It continues to be so unless she has Tylenol. But she'll still play a little, smile now and then, and she has no problem eating. She has a cough...which is what made me check on her periodically in the middle of the night until she spiked the fever. Now she also has a runny chunky nose. This is the first time she has been really sick... she has had a cold once or twice. Sick babies break my heart. It so unfair that they have to suffer.

When she is sick I just want to be where she is and keep a constant eye on her. Hope we all have a restful night.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


When I asked boo what she wanted for Christmas she often replied with a a skateboard, a rocking horse and a kitchen because the one she had was too small and that little miss could have it. I already had the notion to change an old entertainment center into a kitchen. I researched, planned and gathered supplies pretty much since thanksgiving. However nothing happened until a few days before Christmas when gg had time. I'm super impressed how it turned out.

 The faucet was $12 from wally world.
Contact paper for the Formica look was $1 from the dollar store.
 The burners are old cds painted.
The knobs are old ones from!
The sink is a dog bowl from menards $6.
The handles are old ones from old doors of the work table in our basement. And the paint
$1 for each of the colors ( clearance at menards, who knew?)..well the black was more and dad bought that. Then I bought primer for $13ish
Curtain rod from wally world $2
Fabric $6
There is also the plexiglass glass for the oven and something similar that we were going to put on top of the burners to give it more of a smooth stove top look and feel....that probably cost us $10
Then hinges, chain for oven door, and who knows what else gg bought to get the project done.

Gee, all the cheap supplies made me think we did this on the cheap but eek, guess not! But I love it and so does boo and gosh darn it, WE DID IT! It may have taken a couple off days and nights till 2am but we did it!

I searched all over, for like a month, for good dishes, pots and pans, utensils etc. And I love what we got.  Most of it. Is Just Like Home from toys r us. I love the colors...not girly but not the boring primary colors either. Then I bought a dish set from target for$9. That are great. Great sizes for everything and durable.

It was so much fun watching her open presents. Every thing she got that morning "this is the exactly what I wanted...even hand sanitizer. But when it came to the kitchen she was jumping up and down trying to take it all in. I'm so glad we go that on video.

Monday, January 13, 2014

fight, Fight, FIGHT!

Why does my baby fight naps so much? How exhausting it is. She got only 15 minutes of napping, maybe, between lots of crying for her nap before church yesterday. Once we got home from church she fought her subsequent naps as well.

And this morning, I laid her down 50 minutes ago. She quieted down for a few minutes and then started crying again. And now, 50 minutes after I first laid her down she has quieted down again. I hope she sleeps. It's like she catches herself falling asleep and she gets mad at herself (and probably me) for falling asleep.

She is such a happy baby with sleep, and even without it she isn't terrible but just harder to handle. I need her naps too, so I can get some stuff done or just relax.

I wish kids could cherish naps like adults do but if that was the case all we would do in this house is sleep. :)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

are we alike?

This is Boo at 5 months:

And this is Little Miss at 8 months -not sure why Boo was wearing a 12 month old dress so young.

Here's both of them at around 8 month-ish.

I thought these girls looked alike but I'm not so sure anymore, especially as you compare the two. I wonder what miss Little Miss is going to grow up looking like. What fun the future holds.

Saturday, January 11, 2014


In our church we are assigned congregations based off where we live, well they are changing those boundaries tomorrow. In talking with someone today, they said that a previous plan proposed they were going to eliminate one of the wards and GG would no longer be bishop. Sounds lovely, right? I think so too but oddly I found myself fearing the day he is no longer bishop. Not that I like him being gone or him having to have those responsibilities but I'm afraid the day he is no longer bishop I will no longer feel so abundantly blessed. We have had great blessings come to us this last year that we had been desiring for sometime and I truly feel the Lord has blessed us because of the service and sacrifice that has come with him being bishop. And I wonder, how does anyone ever make it this world without the Lord and his blessings? Would GG still be a teacher and us living in an apartment still, just getting by? Would we still be longing for Little Miss's arrival to our family?  I feel that sometimes he call us to serve not because we are necessarily qualified or the best for the job but because he wants to bless us.

When I think of Little Miss as a blessing of GG serving as bishop, I get a small (and I mean small) glimpse of Hannah from the bible who plead for a son, so much she would give him up to the Lord after he was weaned.  It was difficult for me as a 20-something to say, "yes, I will support my husband in this calling", knowing he would be gone a lot and that I would have to do a lot on my own. And having already known what it was like to be alone a lot because of football I didn't answer blindly. But as I sat in the stake president's office, I knew that we would be blessed with another child as I said "yes".  Sacrifice and commitment brings blessings. 


I LOVE that little miss flaps her arms and legs like crazy when she is excited. Especially in the morning when I go to wake her up. She seems so excited she is just about ready to burst. I guess this mommy interprets that to say, "mom, I love you sooo much I just can't hold it in". Really it's probably "alright! the food has arrived! I'm starving!"

Friday, January 10, 2014

something new

I'm going to try something new. I don't do Twitter, although I actually have an account so I can follow the high school games and get an idea of when gg will be home from the game.  I often think about writing something down or posting on fb but then think better of it because I don't necessarily want it on fb. Somehow I think I'm okay with it here. So I'll start posting little snippets..kinda like a quick thought journal that gets to be shared with you if you desire.

33 degrees it's a heat wave! I opened my Windows to air out my house since I sprayed disinfectant spray all over (i was sick earlier in the week and have used the wipes but I swear I still smell sickness but really it's probably just my fear the girls will get it). Anyway, I heard a beautiful bird chirping loudly. I found it perched on a branch outside my window singing it's song. It brought a smile to my face. I am thoroughly looking forward to spring in our home...minus the stupid tornadoes that threaten the perfect enjoyment and happiness of spring.