Monday, November 26, 2012


Apparently fall has come and gone. Today I was getting out the Christmas decorations and putting the lights on the tree as I listened to Michael Buble's Christmas CD while the snow was falling sideways in Nebraska fashion.

Here are our picture highlights of the last several months. Ha. Sorry. I'm not good at blogging anymore.

Trip East with the parents:

Riding the Dells in Wisconsin

Birthday Pizza

Kirtland Ohio

Boo's Birthday:

The Blindfold: :)
Pin The Bow on Minnie:
 The Pinata:

 The Birthday Girl:

The Grandparents: (LOVE IT!)


 Above Trunk or Treating. LOVE THE YELLOW SHOES!

Getting the Christmas Tree:
 So cold!!! We gave up trying to find a tree in the "forest" and went back to the cabin to get a pre-cut one. 

Playing with the Beard that came in the bag of toys they gave her at the tree farm:

Well, I guess that catches us up. Without much commentary. :) We are generally well and happy. We are happy we were able to spend Thanksgiving with my parents and my siblings who came to visit.

Goodbye Fall.