Tuesday, February 21, 2012

night time creeper

Boo has been doing pretty good about sleeping in here toddler bed. But when she wakes up in the middle of the night (usually closer to when GG wakes up) she thinks she can sleep in our bed (we have let her because it's hard to explain to her to go to back to her bed when her dad is awake, so I hope by letting her lay in bed with me she'll sleep longer..because 5:00 is much too early for her or myself to be awake.).

Anyway, so when she wakes up in the middle of the night I coax her back into her bed and while I leave her in her room to hopefully fall asleep, I lay awake in my bed afraid that a little child will creep up on me and scare me half to death. It's seriously freaks me out-I noticed my heart pounding last night in anticipation of being crept up upon. It's feels like when you hear a sound in the middle of the night, and you hold your breath to see if you can hear footsteps approaching you. ahhhh. I know my child shouldn't freak me out like that but it does. And the thing I'm more scared of is scaring her by my reaction to her sudden appearance staring at me.  I have no idea how my mom made it through. I know I stood by her bedside more than I can count whispering, "mom", "Mom", MOm", "MOM".  Now, times that by 12 kids doing to that to her over the years. No wonder she never could get a restful night. 

Is anyone else like this? Or am I totally pathetic for curling up to my sleeping husband for protection from my daughter?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We're alive-no worries!

So I guess it's been awhile. And for those of you wondering we are all still alive. :) January was not one of our favorite months and we are glad that is behind us and that we only have a few months left before it's spring. Just thinking about spring makes my heart smile a bit. 

Part of the reason I haven't blogged in awhile was that I just wasn't sure that we had anything blog worthy. Boo got tubes in her ears-I don't think I really notice a difference but maybe that is because she is getting her two year old molars in (just noticed them tonight-that could explain some of the crankiness.)

Boo has been a bit of a handful lately. She is becoming very independent and everything is "boo's turn" and she says this as she takes both of her hands and points to herself-over and over again. It's a bit exhausting. She was in a bit of a biting phase but she hasn't done it since Christmas. Bedtime and naptime is a gamble whether she is going to fight or just go with  it. And when she fights, she fights. She climbs out of crib screaming and crying and then bangs on the door (I'm sure our neighbors love us). 

Since the crib is not "containing" her anymore and I'm worried that she'll hurt herself diving into the crib and/or tumbling out, we're transitioning to the toddler bed tonight.....I'm crossing my fingers for a smooth transition.

GG is busy, busy, busy. It's been busy at school, church and he's doing a practicum for his masters. After this practicum he has one more class and he's done!

Valentine's was wonderful. Last weekend, GG (love) and I went out (love) with my family (love) for dinner at Olive Garden (love) and then went to our church dance (love). The next morning we had a family "I Love You" party (a family tradtion that I love).  If you couldn't tell, I LOVED it! It was perfect. 

(This is not an actual picture from the valentine's date but just us from one of our other dates since I didn't think to take a picture of us looking good for the dance). ;)
On Valentine's day Boo woke up early -usually this means that it would be a rough day- but she came and laid in the bed with me. I stroked her cheek and every once in awhile she would lean over and give me a kiss (unsolicited) and stroke my cheek back. So wonderful. I LOVE this girl so much.

We had a really nice week weather-wise in the middle of January. Here she is soaking up the sun on the deck like an old person on a rocking chair watching the cars go
This is my crazy beautiful girl! This is the outfit she insisted on- TWO skirts, a dress, a sweater and SKATES! :) 

Sorry this was long-but I'll try and not be a stranger again.