Thursday, May 21, 2015


Today Boo graduated from preschool. I think it is silly to have a "graduation " for preschool but it's fun to have a celebration for moving up. I would say my favorite part was their ABC chant they have worked on throughout the year.

i'm super glad we did preschool for Boo. She was so ready for the socialization and the more formal education. I really don't think homeschool would be for her. She is one that I think will thrive in a school setting...however I know there are several factors that can hinder that. But for now, I am glad she likes it and we have a good school for her to go to.
anyway, way to go Boo for making it through the year and loving it!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Little miss

Just thought I'd blog about this sweet little miss

She is crazy. She is a tease. She pushes the limits. Thinks is funny to do naughty things.  She is a climber. She is becoming a fighter but she is a lover....such a cuddly thing. I live this little miss. Brings joy to my heart. 
She recently celebrated a special day.
Funny how different things are with the second child. No party. I kinda wanted to but it wasn't going to happen.  Instead she spent the day fighting to play with her new toys. This is new territory since boo wasn't interested in her toys before because they were baby toys but I would say boo plays and loves them just as much.  we got her an elmo book that plays tunes and boo loves singing the words from the Book. this morning she was singing to little miss so cute. Special moments. 

So happy to have these girls a part of my life, a little terrified of three against one coming up in the future but i'm sure there will be so much added joy and special moments.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

e cloths

Have you heard of these bad boys, e cloths? One wonderful top I got from MOPS. The cloths are for cleaning all types of things but I was particularly interested in the ones for windows And glass. I found some at four star drug and they are miracle workers. Look at this, my mirror that I tried to clean after little miss "painted" it with my face lotions and make up:
 And then after a quick rub-a-dub-dub and water (no cleaners)...BOOM! Clean!

Awesome right? The supposedly clean surfaces from bacteria and e-coli...just on the nature of the fibers of the cloths.  Check it Out. I'm an excited's been awhile since I've been excited about a product.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I did it

Ever since I was pregnant with little miss I have been afraid of havin to find shelter for two kids by myself.  The fear lessened a great deal after moving from the second floor apartment to our house but it is has been something I worry about.
BOo was so out of it sleeping, it was hard to coax her down the stairs while carrying little miss and their comfort blankets and flashlights
Once down there, Boo fell back asleep on the couch cushions I got for her aND little miss just quietly cuddled with her blankets as we listened to dad on the phone.
thankfully no tornado. and I Survived getting my kids downstairs By myself. Small victory and practice for the future (unfortunate fact of living in tornado alley).

Monday, May 4, 2015

time to call it quits

For the over the last year I have worked hard at exercising 5-6 times a week. There were obviously times where circumstances did not allow for exercising 5 days a week but it that was the exception.  It felt great. (Now if only I had figured out how to change my eating habits. )

Anyway, it is time to accept that I have to give up exercising more or less. My body just can't do it any more. And I realize there are too many things that are off limits that it's been ridiculous trying to even do the videos any more.  
i'll still try to do what I can, maybe find some pregnancy videos and walk when I can But even then I get tired awfully fast. 

So either I need to embrace the beautiful pregnancy weight or learn to eat right (ha!) 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

the prime of my life

I'm not sure what the true definition of prime of life is....isn't like the best time, the highlight of your life?  Anyway, I had a thought this week that I am probably in the prime of my life. Doing my most important and fun work i'll ever do. Maybe I feel that way because I can't picture life after kids.  But I had a really good week. I felt like I was being a pretty awesome homemaker (seriously,  I made jsm, pie and bread fantastically all in one day)and a being a pretty good mom. But then yesterday about noon everything started to go down hill. Little Miss's attitude took a turn for the worst, my second attempt at bread was a fail, my plans for the day all fell apart. blame it on the pregnancy hormones, i started to lose it. I put myself in time out. After the kids were in bed, I went grocery shopping instead of out on a date with the hubby due to unexpected work stuff,  bought a few fun items for me, spent $200 on maternity clothes online (most will go back i'm sure), had a Ben and jerry's and my mood improved.
This morning, everything went back to how it was before bed time. Somehow, I got the kids pulled together to go to garage sales. I stopped to get gas and the song "you're gonna miss this" came on over the speakers.
just what I needed to hear, even though it's still hard. Just need to push through and enjoy the shinning,  happy moments.