Wednesday, October 22, 2014

parenting fail

A week ago or so Boo had fire safety week at school. I would say she loved seeing the fire men and learning about stop, drop and roll. That same week I saw a clip on the Today show about how families don't have a fire safety plan. So I thought why not. I added it to my lesson about being prepared with the 72hour back packs.  Apparently, she is not ready. I should her how to touch the door to see if it's hot and crawl on the floor and how to open a window to get out if needed. GG also tested the fire alarms. She did not like that sound. At the end of the lesson she said, "I didn't like that lesson".

And now last night she woke up being afraid of a fire and that fire fighters would make it in time . She had a rough night, so we had a rough night, and so did little miss because they now share a room. Ugh.

Yes I am a worried but I felt like I did it matter of factly and shared this isn't likely but we need to be prepared. ....right now I wish I waited another year.  I remember waking up and talking to my mom because I was scared of a fire....I had several dreams growing up where our family got separated. Now I went and made my daughter go through the same thing. Fail.

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