Monday, June 9, 2014

skinny fat

I was talking with a couple of friends tonight about exercise and I mentioned a blog post I read that has helped inspire me to keep going and to realize that I shouldn't be afraid of building muscle....I still remember a term she said "skinny fat" those who are skinny but don't have muscle. I'm still afraid of having bulky muscular arms but I'm more afraid of flabby soft arms. Anyway, in case those friends look at my blog, this is the post from Our Best Bites ( a food blogger!!!) About her weight loss journey.

Funny how I did this post after the sweet treats post huh? Like I said before I'm working out but I still haven't forced myself to change my eating my sweets oh so much.


Kimber said...

YES. I follow best bites and loved reading her story too. Definitely felt inspired by her

Suzanne and Nate said...

Love it! Thanks for posting, I'll have to check it out...and start exercising!