Sunday, December 22, 2013

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

I blame Snapfish for not having enough Christmas cards to send to everyone. Their shipping fees are ridiculous and they only let you order your cards in sets of 20, which I think is a bit stinky. Anyway, in light of the fact that I do not have enough cards to send beyond my immediate family, here is an online Christmas card and a "letter" that was not included in the ones I sent my family (see you are special) :)

Merry Christmas Friends!
We are so excited for the Christmas season this year. Boo is old enough to remember Christmas past enough to anticipate and be thoroughly excited for it to come this year. This  is such a fun age. Sometimes, I forget that she is still little because she acts like she is 5+ but then there are other times I think she is older than she is and expect too much out of her.  She is loving that we have a new house and a basement- and she is sure to tell everyone that comes to our home that it has a basement. 

Little Miss is growing in a blink of an eye. It seems like yesterday that she came to us and I know that the next thing I know she will be one. She thankfully has not learned to crawl or even roll over yet but I suspect it won't be long before so learns to do one or both.  I say  I'm thankful because 1) I don't have to guard the Christmas tree, and 2) once they become mobile my sanity goes out the window. :)  Little Miss is generally a very happy delightful baby that fills my heart with joy.

GG is busy, busy, busy. He is now an assistant athletic director at a high school here and is gone to a lot of sporting events. The only thing about him being gone late at night so much is that he can be late to work in the morning and we actually get to see him before he leaves in the morning. 

And then there is me, trying to figure out how to keep a house clean (amazingly a bigger space takes more time to clean and keep clean).  ps. we bought a house..BIG step for us this year. I love that I don't need quarters for laundry, I don't have to drag groceries up a flight of stairs and I love that we have a fenced in back yard for Boo to play in. I do miss, however, a handyman to call to fix things and neighbors to blame for the noises I hear in the night.  I would say the thing that GG loves most about our home is the water dispenser on the fridge, seriously. He would often say to me, "Hun, we are living the dream!" And I began to realize that every time he would say this he would say it with a glass of water in his hand. :)  I'm glad all that he needs to feel fulfilled in life is a fridge with a water dispenser. 

We feel so very blessed this year and many prayers have been answered. We hope that you have a very Merry Christmas!