Friday, September 26, 2014

when i grow up...

So we took Boo to the dentist. She did awesome! She never once complained about her mouth hurting or feeling numb during or after. I squirmed in my chair more than she did when they gave her the shot to numb her mouth. Seriously, she is a super star when it comes to the dentist and doctors. ...little miss on the other hand, freaks out.

The dentist and the assistant who were working on her teeth asked I'd she wanted to be a doctor or dentist when she grew up she said "no". They asked a couple of other things including a princess to which she replied with something like, " we don't have those anymore". Realizing that I have never asked her this before I was intensely curious about this conversation. Finally, I jumped in and asked, "what do you want to be?" She answered with a smile, " a mom."  I'd be lying if I said my eagles didn't water a bit and my heart swell up with pride and love. Maybe i'm not doing such a terrible job if she wants to be a mom too.

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