Monday, October 20, 2014

1 year

Happy Home Ownership Anniversary to US!
one year! It has gone by so fast. We love our home. We are still learning of it's "special-ness" but it is still a great house and in a great neighborhood. So we are happy.

We decided since our home warranty was about up we'd get a few things fixed that we were just kinda waiting until they really broke. Want to hear about some stupid fixes?

For a whole year our garage door remote opener hasn't worked.....the answer after two repairmen and a couple of hours of fiddling around? The security switch was turned out which turns off the remotes. Ha! that was a waste of $60. ...well, not really because now it works. How many times have I gotten out of my car to open and close the garage?!

The other stupid fix. The top heating element in our oven hasn't worked for the whole year. I have baked numerous cakes and batches of cookies. I have learned to be very attentive to what is cooking, turning it around, turning the heat up or down. The guy walks in and looks at and in in one second says the element isn't plugged into the back. That was it! It wasn't plugged in! oh good grief!

Ahh well. We live and learn!


Kimber said...

Hahaha oh my goodness those 2 fixes really make me laugh bc I know how much you've wanted them to just break bc they're not working, ha. I love these stories

Suzanne and Nate said...

Holy cow time flies!!! So happy you were able to get them fixed easily, but so sorry for the way it worked out, we totally do things like that too though, we still have yet to even turn on our fireplace to see if it works, it's gas and I'm worried about a chimney fire because of pine needles the inspector said were in there, but nate thinks no big yeah we just do nothing about it:)
Loved catching up on your blog! We need to do something soon, I feel like we never see each other long enough to talk anymore.