Thursday, March 19, 2015

processing the news...and getting a life

this whole pregnancy I had a feeling it was  boy.  I really didn't want to have a boy. Boys are chaotic, they throw things, hit things,  run away fast and pee everywhere.  But funny thing finding out that this babe is a girl I realized maybe I want I boy. Having another girl means same old clothes, same bedding, same ol', same ol'. However with increased insurance costs maybe it's a good thing I don't go crazy on new things. And the girls will have fun together...until they are teenagers anyway.


News: I  cancelled Netflix.  I get entirely too sucked into the shows. So I might get a life. That and spring has finally come around. And it feels wonderful to get out of the house and enjoy it. I hate cold and I hate snow....unless I want to stay home and not go anywhere.
Wish me luck on getting a life. :)

Friday, March 13, 2015

and it's a....

a girl!!

I can't believe it. I totally thought it was a boy. This pregancy has been so different. However,  that being said it was the doctor who did the ultrasound, not the tech. I go to a place where the doctor does an ultrasound every time because she owns it. So there is a chance she missed something.  Next time at my 20 week appointment the tech will confirm it.

Well, good things come in threes right?

Thursday, March 12, 2015

a little teaser...and a secret

So I might have been keeping a little secret and the secret is getting harder and harder to hide. I feel bad for one friend to whom I did not technically lie to, but I did sway her in the other direction.

I'm pretty sure you know what I am talking about. So I won't say. But I'll let you figure out what this piƱata is for.

Stay tuned. Tomorrow we bust it open and the world can know our secret and I will let go of most of my fears (I have been terrified and holding my breath afraid of losing our secret) and we'll get ourselves ready to embrace this secret. 

Monday, March 9, 2015

catch up

It has been a very long time since I've posted. I guess the title of my last post, "mommy down" was for real I have really been on the down low since then. We haven't done much in the last three months. We had Christmas, fairly low key. I remember being excited to have it finally all over.

( boo thought the tree needed to be decorated after I took off the ornaments. Those are socks, dvds, closepibs, a hat and who knows what else is on it)

New year's eve was fun since we had family in town. I do remember all of us trying to fight it until midnight...we had proposed an earlier midnight but decided to stick it out. My brother apparently does this balloon pop at midnight. It was fun and the kids loved all the balloons.

GG and I took somewhat of an impromptu trip to KC. Nothing too exciting and freezing temperatures. I just needed an emotional break from life. Ps. There is nothing at the crowne center worth seeing, so if someone suggests that, just skip it.  We did love going to the KC temple. It was beautiful. The celestial room was stunning. Simple and beautiful...simply beautiful.

February was marked by cold, snow and crazy sicknesses. We stayed home most of February.  This was the first year I didn't do a Valentine party with the kids.  Too man sicknesses and I was simply too lazy.

This month so far we had GG's bday. Once again, simple but I think he enjoyed it. I spent the day crossing my fingers none of us caught Boo's stomach bug she had a couple of  days before.

The warmer weather these last few days had been melting my soul and it feels wonderful! No big plans for the week or month. Just spring clean and hopefully get the outside ready for spring! Yay for spring!

Here's  a snapshot of the little  diva I sat by at a gymnastics meet:

Well until next time....when ever that is. :)