Friday, March 8, 2013


I felt like I need a smile today and pictures do that for me so this is a picture post. A few I haven't posted and a few oldies but goodies that tickle my heart. 

Boo in Boots (like Puss in Boots).... hmmm :) She likes trying on my shoes and I thought it was hilarious when she tried on my boots and tried to walk in them....not very successfully. :)

GG was able to do some temple work for a friend of his that passed away 10 years ago. It was a very special day for him.

 A small valentine's playdate: Silly cheeser.

I'm so excited to experience this again...I love our family. those rolls and smiles.....

I'm feeling better. Hopefully smiled....maybe once. I know its not the same as it is for me who loves this girl like crazy.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Baby Fever

GG recently turned the big 3-0. My mom says she doesn't remember 30 being a big deal but those of us in our 20's feel like that is the transition from young adult to adulthood. The beginning of getting old. GG should have already had that transition when he was called as bishop but 30 still seems big for him.  He luckily had Sunday "off" since it was stake conference. So he didn't have to worry about early morning meetings or interviews after church. We came home from conference and he was like "so this is what it's like to come home after church." He actually got to eat lunch and take a nap. I thought about throwing him a party but I was feeling pretty tired that week and he "says" he just wanted to relax anyway since he never gets a day of rest anymore (which is true). I think in the end he enjoyed his birthday and all the little celebrating we did that weekend.  Hope he knows how special he is....because he is pretty fantastic.

I think Baby fever is finally hitting me and I'm getting excited. Until now, I haven't had any desire or inclination to buy or really do anything to prepare for baby. But good sales do help motivate me. :) The other night I found a "sit N stand" stroller on clearance for about $85.

I think that is a good deal...yes?? no? I didn't see any cheaper on craigslist. Friends who have them do you like them? I feel like several of you have them. This is something I wasn't anticipating buying. Originally, I was thinking Boo could walk on her own this summer and she probably wouldn't be interested in sitting in a stroller anymore anyway. But this way she can walk if wants or sit and it isn't HUGE like double strollers. I'm hoping this might be a good investment for the summer when I hopefully start walking again and get this body into shape!

I also got an awesome deal at the good ol' Younkers. They are have a coupon for $30 off of $75 plus my discount so I got all this for $40 with tax! GG isn't super excited about me spending money but I don't think I couldn't have gotten this good of a deal even at Once Upon a Child.  Baby Sister needs clothes since Boo was born in the fall and we have no baby summer clothes. I feel weird buying 3 and 6 month clothes but Boo never wore newborn clothes so hopefully these will work out for her otherwise we'll be running to the store to buy some newborn clothes for her when she's born. I guess I'm anticipating an 8lb+ child since Boo was 9lb9oz when she was born.

I'm even starting to think about clearing out some drawers in Boo's dresser for the baby and cleaning up that darn closet in her room-it is the storage closet for pretty much everything. So it just might be time to re-organize it again. I'm pretty sure I did right after Christmas but its one of those things where I'll forget I have things in there unless I periodically see it.

Well, just thinking about that makes me I think I'm off to my afternoon nap... so sleepy these days.  Good night. :)