Saturday, June 29, 2013

we've got kid"S"!!!

Every time we say "our kids" or some else says "your kids" it sounds so weird to me. We've got KIDS! not a one child but TWO! I somehow just can't believe it.

So yes, we had the baby. I did not become a freak of nature and carry my child for 50 weeks, I'm just very slow posting. (some times I wish I was a good blogger again but I'm not and I will have to be okay with that.)  We had our precious baby which on the blog we will call Little Miss- I think that is what her pediatrician says and I like calling her that every now and then....I might even call her Miss B- not that her name starts with "B" but I like it.  So without further adieu, here is the sweet Little Miss

 Here's her...rather our story. 40 weeks, I was so completely miserable. I had my doctor's appointment, ready to set up a day to be induced. I did not believe that my body would start this process on its own. And I did not want to be pregnant for another day. However, my doctor did not want to induce me before 41 weeks. ugh. She said that she was too high and would rather we waited. double Ugggghhh. (not really sure how those letters are supposed to be pronounced just what I see in my head when I say ugghhh maybe its more uhhgghghghgh.)

Anyway, I digress (I love it when people say that, so I like to throw it in here and there for fun), Anyway..... I came home completely degrade-a-tated (not a real word but Amy from Little Women says it and has been a part of my vocabulary since I was a young girl). I thought, to myself, "how can I get this girl to drop...I'm soooooo past ready?" I texted my friend about walking. She organized the walking group and the next morning we went on a walk ....I did a shorter walk than what they did. We sat at the park as the kids played. I had a few pains and I thought, "my pants must be too tight". I had a few of them on the walk back. And when I sat down in the car and started driving I realized that these aren't just pains because of my pants being too tight, these were CONTRACTIONS. I went home got lunch for Boo and myself, called my mom and said, "I think I'm having contractions!" Completely thrilled with myself for starting the process myself.  Mom suggested I timed them and call the doctor. I was surprised because I thought this was supposed to be a long process. I timed them and took a shower. They were coming every six minutes. I called my doctor, not wanting to be too naive or ambitious, I asked if I should have my husband come home early from work today. She said, YES and you should go to the hospital. What?! Really? already? Super excited, that's when I realized this was for real and we were having a baby TODAY. Boo watched me have these contractions, concerned she asked if I was ok, and I just told her the baby is just hurting mom a little.  I LOVE LOVE that I got to experience this part of going into labor-painful but super exciting!

 GG comes home...he loved being pulled out of class by the secretary telling him his wife was in labor.. we drop boo off with some friends, check into the hospital. I was already at 6 cm with contractions 2-3 minutes apart. I made sure they knew I wanted an epidural. The delivery nurse said I was in active labor and it doesn't get much worse than that. I seriously contemplated for a few moments, "could I really do this without an epidural??" But realized I did not want to have to do this for very much longer. And I'm so glad that I got an epidural- i might have been able to handle the contractions for just a bit longer but I would not have been able to handle pushing a 9lb 14 oz baby out. I could feel her pushing against my pelvic bones WITH the epidural , could not have imagined what that would have felt like without the drugs.

They came to flip me over to my other side (editing a few things out that are probably too TMI) called the midwife and team and told them to get in here we were ready to go asap. After 15-30 minutes of slow pushing we had a beautiful baby...Little Miss was born around 6. 

 THE AWESOME BIG SIS!!!!- Seriously, she's great!

we love love our new addition to our family and LOVE LOVE our "KIDS". We feel so blessed and happy.
 maybe more posts to come sooner than later.  :) or this will be it for awhile. we'll see.