Monday, January 2, 2012


Doesn't this cake look fabulous for celebrating the New Year? 

 Ok, well, maybe not "look" fabulous but it tasted fabulous. (I'm still working on the "pretty" part of cake making). This is an Andes Mint Cake  from Bird on A Cake. I found the link from Pinterest.

With the New Year we have 1:00 church. By 4:30 Boo zonked out on the couch. She has never fallen asleep like that. Poor thing. I had to wake her up by 6:00 so she would be able to go to bed at a decent hour.

 Here are a a couple other pictures:

Before Christmas, I watched a girl from church- I decided to make sugar cookies with them.  They did remarkably well. There was potential for flour everywhere but they kept it to the table and chairs. They even decorated them...well Boo didn't do much decorating-just eating. :)

Aren't they cuties? She's the sweetest little girl. She's always trying to make Boo smile or help her out.

Boo lined up her cars in a row. I wasn't paying attention, and then she came up to me and said "choo Choo". Grandpa would be proud. :)

Happy New Year Friends!