Friday, August 29, 2014

the visitors

GG's mom stopped by on her way home from her mission. We took the day to hang out down town with Nonna and her friend.

 my attempt at a selfie with Little miss...i think she kinda looks like me in this picture:
 We hit up the doughnut hole with his mom.
At first it seems weird that it's a bacon doughnut but it's not, bacon and doughnuts are both breakfast foods, they mix. just a novelty that's all. I tasted the peach doughnut, pretty yummy. I can see myself really enjoying it after I go ice skating in the little plaza outside it's door. :) this winter, it should definitely happen.

No picture, but we also ate at Sebastian's. Ummm. I liked the eating area, felt like you in a personal library. Book shelves with books on them. Nice wood tables and leather high back chairs. The food, a little different. It is served on small plates. And order small plates of food to share with others at your table. I'm glad we tried it but will likely not be back again.

It was a quick visit but we thankful she could stop in and that we have a place for her to stay now. :)

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Kimber said...

I'm dying to try the donut hole! It just seems like my kind of place, I absolutely love donuts but don't have them very often for some reason, maybe it's the peer pressure of everyone around me wanting to get ice cream for dessert at night. There needs to be more fresh donut places at night, they're always closed or old in the evening. To me a donut is dessert, not a meal replacement for breakfast.

I can identify with you a lot on the football aspect, you are of course submerged in it way more than I (although I have fantasy sports looming in my house all year long and the worst season for it is football, ooy). I get excited for BYU football but that is it, and it lasts the first few games and then vanishes. And by the time November hits I'm like "why still football? aren't you guys bored of it yet?" Silly men...