Saturday, July 26, 2014

silly hat bike ride

Despite the title, we did not wear silly hats on a bike ride.

We went on another outing on the trail. I ran at least twice as much as I did before but without that bounce in my step that I had before, boo rode her bike again and did awesome, minus a few accidents...I'll get to that in a minute.

I loved running beside her. She was just leisurely riding her bike singing, "silly hat, silly hat...." It was so cute... it just tickles me as I remember looking at her from the back swerving a little with the handle bars, as she is still learning, seeing her "crinkly" hair flowing out of her Minnie mouse helmet singing a song she learned from Barney.

Now she rode her bike non-stop for a long distance so she is definitely improving, however she has yet to learn how to look in another direction with out moving the handle bars. We were crossing the street at a cross walk and another bike was coming from the other direction. Boo's attention turned to the bike passing her. I was behind with little miss in in the stroller watching this happen with gg closer to her. It all happened slowly, boo's bike began veer in the direction of the other biker, and she kept going until she crashed into the other bike's back wheel, and Boo tumble to the street. No one was injured minus a small scrape, thankfully, and makes it funny to remember.

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