Wednesday, July 9, 2014

growing up

It's not official yet but the possibility of Boo going to preschool next year is very real and I'm freaking out a bit. I'm completely surprised at my reaction to all of this. Boo is sooo ready for school. She doesn't even blink an eye when we mention school, granted she probably doesn't realize that once she goes she doesn't stop for 20 more years. ugghhh. How did she get to be so old to be gone everyday for 4ish hours? How did I not take advantage of it more? How do I slow down time so that the next month becomes a year?   This feeling that I have feels very familiar. It feels like the same anxiety I had during the time between saying yes to GG's proposal and the wedding date. It's a feeling of impending change, really, the fear of the unknown and time just ticking away until the marked day.

I'm afraid that school will change her. I'm afraid that she will no longer be content with just sitting at the table and coloring for an hour or so. I'm afraid she won't just sit in her room playing with her dolls for hours, or reading books.  I'm afraid she'll no longer find joy in the simple things of being a kid. I'm afraid she'll want a crazy structure and have something happening all the time.

I know it sounds all so dramatic typed up but I know it's life and it will be good...despite this crazy feeling inside. I want so much to hold on to these years.

 I thought while talking about Boo, I'd also share some of her pictures:
Check out that dress! This is why I think there is a small chance that she could become a fashion designer...what kid puts designs on dresses? (hopefully the actual dress is not see through so that you can see the woman's legs, just sayin')

Another dress design. Thankfully, her puff sleeves are finally looking like puff sleeves...they didn't always look like puff sleeves...just two suspiciously perfectly placed round things a on a female stick figure. 

I love the small figure, I assume it is the back of the girl showing that she is wearing butterfly wings.

 I don't know if this is a family but look at all those people! When I was in kindergarten I was supposed to draw my siblings for a little book. I just drew their faces...its hard to draw 12 people but look at Boo drawing all those people. Yep, I'm kinda on a "boo is super duper fantastic" post....
 And what the heck is this? She drew a picture of someone laughing at another because of how she looks....doesn't that make you so sad?! (And if that picture is Boo with blond hair, this is not a "boo is super duper fantasic" post). Boo has something against buns in her hair or maybe something about the dress.

 This is like a smart super butterfly woman with a ballon:
That's all. Remember when I told you how she wanted to have a stand to sell all her pictures? Now you've seen a sampling, any takers for original art by Boo? :) jk, but no really, she'd be so delighted...any uncles that want to move to the top of the of the favorite uncle list???? haha...

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