Friday, August 29, 2014

"fall" is here

Fall is here, rather fall activities are here: Football and school.

It has indeed begun. Football season is here. I wish I could find the joy that others have for football but I don't understand the great love and passion people have to center their lives around following a team or sport, to the point that a loss of a game can ruin their day or weekend. I should get it, I live in football land. I'm married to a former football player and coach. (But I must say that he does very well balancing it, probably because he doesn't have time, and managing his emotional involvement in the game.  I knew when I was dating him, while he was on the team, that he was different than others that I had been around. He could have a terrible loss put it behind him and still go and have a good time with me on a date that same night.) Talking about football Monday morning after a football game is like talking about a major weather event like a tornado, it's something that everyone personally experienced and can relate to.

Anyway, football is football. It's a part of my life and that's okay as long as I don't have to be emotionally involved in it.

I realize I might be speaking blasphemy right now and I might be shunned given the timing of this post and my location......uhhhhhh

Onto real life as I like to think of it. Boo started Preschool! She goes to the elementary school and it makes it feel too real...that she is really going to school and she well on her way to graduating from high school.  AHHH it goes to fast!!  Boo tried to comfort me saying "it will be okay, I'll give you a hug." for the record, I don't think she has given me a hug goodbye. In fact, she hardly said goodbye that first day. When I picked her up she asked if we just waited outside the whole time.

She seems to enjoy it. I'm waiting for it to tire her out so she'll want to take a nap...a couple of people have mentioned that it has happened in their kids but it hasn't happened yet she just comes home hungry. (they feed her breakfast and lunch in a three and half hour period...and she has breakfast when she wakes us...she should not be hungry). anyway.

Well friends, Happy fall. Happy football season for all you avid fans.

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