Saturday, September 14, 2013

I'm Feeling GOOD!

Friday afternoon, 3:30ish my dear Hubby calls me while I'm shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond and asks if I want to go on a date with him. He already has a babysitter lined up and he is taking me to MICHAEL BUBLE!!!!! WHAT???! It was the very first show at the new arena.

He bought the tickets as he was speaking to me. We get there and find our seats, guess where they were. THE VERY LAST ROW in the corner (well as much of a corner you can get in an almost round arena)!   As much as I love Mr. Buble I wasn't thrilled about being there to start off with. 1. I don't prefer heights, and 2. I don't prefer big crowds. However, once Mr. Buble came out singing "Fever" I was so glad that we had come. Such a great show!!  And besides it being a great show, it felt so good to get out with just the Hubs, it has seriously been too long.

Feel jealous? I'm sorry, because I'd totally feel jealous too if you told me you went to Michael Buble and I didn't. :) Let alone the the handsome man that I went with. ;) 

falling behind......need some zzzz's

I'm tired. I'm starting to get very very tired. And unfortunately, I am one of those people who need 7-8 hours of sleep to be happy. Little Miss was an AWESOME sleeper. As a newborn to 3months she would only wake up once a night. Now it's every couple of hours. Mix that in with Boo's ordeals at night- whatever they might be- sometimes she's just crying and then lately she has been wetting the bed. She started wearing underwear to bed a couple of weeks ago and she had been doing FANTASTICALLY.  WHAT HAPPENED? What threw off the balance I felt we had?

Little Miss wakes up a lot and wants to eat a lot. I'm tired. Boo cries. My patience is wearing thin, I get snappy. Boo cries more. I get even more tired. Little Miss still wakes up a lot. oh sigh. It's a terrible cycle.

I'm longing for Little Miss's doctor appointment. She is the most awesome doctor with the best advice that seemed to work so perfectly for Boo. I feel like she is my therapist as I wander threw the cloudy path of motherhood. She seems to know spot on what I can do for Boo- I hope she is as perceptive for Little Miss.

I've contemplated leaving one night and sleeping at my parents house and let GG take care of the kids. If it doesn't improve soon, I might just do it.