Sunday, February 2, 2014

no longer Boo

On the way home from church today she had a sticker with her name on it from her class, It only had "boo" (her shortened name) and not her full first name (Booobooo for blog purposes). She said it only has Boo on it but my name is Booobooo. This isn't the first time she has realized this. She has been telling grandma and grandpa the last couple of weeks that they should call her Boooboooo not boo.  Isn't she too young to have a name preference?

I'm kinda sad because on that sticker she had on shirt from her class was a reminder for us to talk to her about how she got her name and to bring a picture of her family so they could talk about it in class. I started thinking about her name and how we decided on it. I came to love the name in high school. I knew two girls with the name boobooo that went by Boo. They were always cheerful, fun happy girls. I wasn't friends with them really but I remember them. And about that same time the Omaha LDS temple was having open house before it was dedicated so I go on a tour of the temple. In the bride's dressing room there is a picture of a woman with this least I am sure they said it was this woman....only to find out now, that it is in fact a painting of another woman. Anyway, a loved the painting and the story of the woman I thought it was. I could picture myself getting married in this temple and getting ready in this room. However, I did not get married in this Tempe and it wasn't oh well.

I guess I should start calling Boo,  Boobooo. It's her life and name even though I gave it to her.  :)

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Stacey said...

Annabelle likes to be called her full name...Annabelle Nina Miller...all the time.