Thursday, February 20, 2014

behind the times

 The last 5-7 years I have felt like I was perpetually in my early twenties....before that I felt like I was always 19.  All the sudden I'm starting to not feel so perpetually young. I think I blame it on the increasing amount of grey hairs and also the fact that I KNOW I can't dress like the twenty-somethings anymore. Leggings and combat boots are so far from my comfort level.
I tried to get gussied up for the vday dance but my clothes are starting to feel dated and then trying to do my hair was impossible. I tried to put it up but with my short hair it just looked like a 2000's hair style and it is now 2014.  Ahhh well I guess. We all have to grow up. Sigh. I just don't want to be that lady in another 10-20  years where you can tell by her hair, makeup and clothes in which era she was in her prime.

Maybe a good haircut...which I do need, and a hair color I'll feel like a fresh late-twenty-something. :)

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