Monday, February 10, 2014

tipping the scale

I am proud to say that after probably 2 months of exercising and not eating right ( you heard that right, I like to eat), I have left the 1#0's ( sorry not disclosing my weight on a public blog). Granted, I'm only out of them by one number but I don't think I've been in this range since I got married. Amazingly, back when I was 20 I weighed 125...I can't even imagine. I remember being surprised at that number when I was weighed...maybe it was a faulty scale but I was definitely skinnier then than I had ever been. I know i'll never be there again and my goal weight is far from that . But I'm only 4 lbs from what I hope to be. And then I'll turn around and get pregnant. :) Haha...... I hope.

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