Sunday, February 9, 2014


Those who know me, know that I love shoes. I am pretty sensible when it comes to shoes. I like and admire shoes but I wear fairly basic often comfortable shoes. I think a pair of shoes can say a lot about a person. What's important to them, their lifestyle, how they care for themselves ans their personality in general. I used to be more observant of the shoes people wore but since I have been away from fulltime shoe selling my notice of shoes have gone down.

I used to have lots of shoes and newer shoes. Now I'm actually wearing out shoes. Unfortunately today, if someone was paying attention to my shoes they would have seen they were falling apart. I put them on in a hurry and forgot that the seam was coming apart. I sar down in sacrament meeting and noticed how awful they looked. So embarrassing. thankfully, I know most people aren't like me and I'm in primary where no one pays attention to your feet. It's time for me to update my shoe closet...oh I miss the days of amazing shoe clearances where I came home with multiple pairs...that and being single...I could justify so much more. :)

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