Friday, January 31, 2014


I swear whenever I say something I jinx myself.

I've learned to never say boo is potty trained or doing well. I don't even say it when she and i are in the same places (so there is no chance she can hear it) and inevitably that night she'll have an accident. Not joking. The last time I said it was at yogurtini with friends.

Last night, I was at yogurtini with friends again and I was saying how we didn't have bugs or anything. I did tell them I had a dream where a rat came through our basement window. My stupid mouth! When I got home gg and I went downstairs to play the Wii. I heard something, I have no idea what but it sounded like it came between the tiles and the ceiling.  Gg tried to act like he didn't hear anything because he knows what will happen to me. Now, I'm Leary of going down to do laundry, exercise or hang out. Ohhhhh, not so dear little creature , make haste and leave my house! This house is for humans only!

Does yogurtini hold the power of the jinx or is it just me?

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