Friday, February 21, 2014

a heavenly father gift

I told Boo that we were going on a trip to go to great grandpa's funeral. Then I had to explain what a funeral was. I told her it is where are family and friends get together to say goodbye and remember him. She then said we need to get him a "Heavenly Father gift".  Sounds nice but I'm still not sure what she meant by it. I heard her mentioning it in her prayers tonight too. I asked her some more after she prayed, telling her that he didn't need a gift since he was already in heaven. I told her his body his still her on earth that they would put his body in a beautiful box and bury him in the earth while his spirit is in heaven. (this sounds weird as i type this but it's life, I guess.) Until he is resurrected. While talking about the "box" she said, "ooh I want to see the box". Somewhere in the conversation she said that she wanted to go to heaven. PLEASE, not yet! I told her that we needed to be here. I asked her, "don't you want to learn and grow? don't you want to read books, learn and run as fast as you can? Don't you want to grow up and get married in the temple? Don't you want to have kids and become a grandma someday?" She got very excited at becoming a grandma. Phew! I hopefully convinced her to remain in this earth life until she becomes a grandma.   I love my girls. I truly do. what a wonderful gift life is. Pondering death and leaving this life really makes you appreciate every part of this life from the miracle of birth and the transition we made to come here- through each phase of our life to the day it is time for us to make the transition in heaven.  I'm excited to know that when my time comes that grandpa will be one of those people awaiting to greet me home.

this turned out a lot longer than anticipated......sorry. lots of thoughts.

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Rocio Brinkerhoff said...

Boo is so funny :) Love those little girls!