Saturday, February 15, 2014


My tongue hurts. I can only assume it's from too much candy...and likely the cinnamon hearts. It's been a day and half and it hurts to eat, talk and brush my teeth. At the same time I can't. Stop. Eating. Candy.

Boo has had entirely too much candy too and I see the effects in her behavior. I try to be better to her than I am too myself with eating healthy. It may seem unfair when I'm sneaking chocolate behind her back but really I'm trying to help her. :) hopefully she doesn't pick up on the sneaking. At the same time she does try to sneak food but she runs conspicuously into her room and slams the door.

And despite my mouth hurting and boo not needing candy I still bought 3 bags of vday candy that was on sale today for $1.50. I almost bought 6 . Ha. What can I say we love chocolate. We love candy. Dessert. Anything sweet, we'll devour it.

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