Thursday, February 13, 2014


There were a couple of times that I heard mention of fasting taking place in the west for moisture and that those prayers resulted in receiving the moisture that they desired. This happened for Idaho where my sister lives. It doesn't usually snow much there but they apparently got quite a bit. She said I'd be thankful when I eat my potatoes and onions because the snow was a result of fast.

Somehow, somewhere in the wee hours of night those experiences came to my half sleeping mind. Now, fasting is not my strength nor can I claim a burning testimony of's one of those things I believe but do not yet know with conviction. However, these experiences along with thought I had during Sunday school a few weeks ago when they talked about Zion seemed to connect.

During the Sunday school lesson I felt amazed at the city of Enoch being able to achieve a state of true Zion and down hearted that given our current culture it would be impossible. Too many poor who want and take and feel entitled, too many rich who don't not give. But how awesome is fasting? Fasting is a great equalizer and unifying experience. Everyone gives up what they can for the greater good of all. There is no me or I in fasting but a whole....especially in large group fast. My thought is God can bless because Zion exists...even for a moment. Another example of how sacrifice brings blessings.

Just thoughts.

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Stacey said...

Good things to think about.