Thursday, January 16, 2014

a gloomy kind of day

Today is quite blustery, I've sat in our chair for most of the day looking out as the wind blew leaves soaring all around ...and even snow for a bit. It's a day that feels a bit gloomy but then the sun would shine every now and then so it didn't seem so bad.

To add to the gloomy-ness little miss is not feeling well. In the middle of the night she got a fever... 104.7 :( . It continues to be so unless she has Tylenol. But she'll still play a little, smile now and then, and she has no problem eating. She has a cough...which is what made me check on her periodically in the middle of the night until she spiked the fever. Now she also has a runny chunky nose. This is the first time she has been really sick... she has had a cold once or twice. Sick babies break my heart. It so unfair that they have to suffer.

When she is sick I just want to be where she is and keep a constant eye on her. Hope we all have a restful night.

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Becky said...

I just got caught up on your least from where you trying something new and posting snippets. I love that idea. It seems to catch day to day life better. I was startled to see a picture of me. Can you even remember when Boo was that young!?! She has grown so much and has such a lovely baby sister! They do look a like and yet so different. I think #2 looks like Boo but Boo doesn't look like her...does that make ANY sense! Anyway, I love the snippets. I love the one about opening the window and getting fresh air and hearing the bird and then finding singing near you window...I pictured you dressed like Snow White or Mary Poppins and the bird landing on your hand and you and girls singing with it. Weirdo...I know. I miss you! Wish we could live close to each other and have girl parties.