Monday, January 13, 2014

fight, Fight, FIGHT!

Why does my baby fight naps so much? How exhausting it is. She got only 15 minutes of napping, maybe, between lots of crying for her nap before church yesterday. Once we got home from church she fought her subsequent naps as well.

And this morning, I laid her down 50 minutes ago. She quieted down for a few minutes and then started crying again. And now, 50 minutes after I first laid her down she has quieted down again. I hope she sleeps. It's like she catches herself falling asleep and she gets mad at herself (and probably me) for falling asleep.

She is such a happy baby with sleep, and even without it she isn't terrible but just harder to handle. I need her naps too, so I can get some stuff done or just relax.

I wish kids could cherish naps like adults do but if that was the case all we would do in this house is sleep. :)

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