Saturday, January 11, 2014


In our church we are assigned congregations based off where we live, well they are changing those boundaries tomorrow. In talking with someone today, they said that a previous plan proposed they were going to eliminate one of the wards and GG would no longer be bishop. Sounds lovely, right? I think so too but oddly I found myself fearing the day he is no longer bishop. Not that I like him being gone or him having to have those responsibilities but I'm afraid the day he is no longer bishop I will no longer feel so abundantly blessed. We have had great blessings come to us this last year that we had been desiring for sometime and I truly feel the Lord has blessed us because of the service and sacrifice that has come with him being bishop. And I wonder, how does anyone ever make it this world without the Lord and his blessings? Would GG still be a teacher and us living in an apartment still, just getting by? Would we still be longing for Little Miss's arrival to our family?  I feel that sometimes he call us to serve not because we are necessarily qualified or the best for the job but because he wants to bless us.

When I think of Little Miss as a blessing of GG serving as bishop, I get a small (and I mean small) glimpse of Hannah from the bible who plead for a son, so much she would give him up to the Lord after he was weaned.  It was difficult for me as a 20-something to say, "yes, I will support my husband in this calling", knowing he would be gone a lot and that I would have to do a lot on my own. And having already known what it was like to be alone a lot because of football I didn't answer blindly. But as I sat in the stake president's office, I knew that we would be blessed with another child as I said "yes".  Sacrifice and commitment brings blessings. 


Suzanne and Nate said...

Love this! And I know that feeling, with callings and blessings. I couldn't wait for Nate to graduate but I was also scared because I knew so many of the blessings we had been given during that time were because of his decision to go and the sacrifices we committed to make.

Stacey said...

So is he still Bishop?