Tuesday, January 28, 2014

our lives are changing

Our life will no longer be the same as we know it. Little miss finally decided to crawl. She's still slow but I imagine it won't last for long. We were starting to wonder if she'd figure out walking first but she finally figured the legs, she had the arms down this weekend.

Baby proofing seems more difficult this time around. We have outlets everywhere, that I need to hide or cover. However, all of our outlets need to be replaced since they don't hold a plug in very well which would mean the won't t hold covers in either. And what do you do with a sister who has toys everywhere..tiny shoes and clothes?

She is also on the verge of having 4 teeth. Since when did babies grow so fast?

Somehow I am so less prepared for her to grow up. She has already tasted French fries..not choice but I suppose that's a great introduction to real food huh? She chewed on a carrot, had those baby puff food that basically dissolved in your mouth.. She hasn't even had cherrios yet and she has had a French fry. Oh well. I suppose It's time I let her try more food, ideally healthy food.

My babe is growing... too fast.

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