Tuesday, January 14, 2014


When I asked boo what she wanted for Christmas she often replied with a a skateboard, a rocking horse and a kitchen because the one she had was too small and that little miss could have it. I already had the notion to change an old entertainment center into a kitchen. I researched, planned and gathered supplies pretty much since thanksgiving. However nothing happened until a few days before Christmas when gg had time. I'm super impressed how it turned out.

 The faucet was $12 from wally world.
Contact paper for the Formica look was $1 from the dollar store.
 The burners are old cds painted.
The knobs are old ones from Schaefer...free!
The sink is a dog bowl from menards $6.
The handles are old ones from old doors of the work table in our basement. And the paint
$1 for each of the colors ( clearance at menards, who knew?)..well the black was more ..gg and dad bought that. Then I bought primer for $13ish
Curtain rod from wally world $2
Fabric $6
There is also the plexiglass glass for the oven and something similar that we were going to put on top of the burners to give it more of a smooth stove top look and feel....that probably cost us $10
Then hinges, chain for oven door, and who knows what else gg bought to get the project done.

Gee, all the cheap supplies made me think we did this on the cheap but eek, guess not! But I love it and so does boo and gosh darn it, WE DID IT! It may have taken a couple off days and nights till 2am but we did it!

I searched all over, for like a month, for good dishes, pots and pans, utensils etc. And I love what we got.  Most of it. Is Just Like Home from toys r us. I love the colors...not girly but not the boring primary colors either. Then I bought a dish set from target for$9. That are great. Great sizes for everything and durable.

It was so much fun watching her open presents. Every thing she got that morning "this is the exactly what I wanted...even hand sanitizer. But when it came to the kitchen she was jumping up and down trying to take it all in. I'm so glad we go that on video.

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