Thursday, January 30, 2014

barbies..a blast from the past

My parents have been cleaning out their storage room and sent me home with a box of my Barbie stuff. Boo found them and is loving them. I wasn't so sure I wanted to let her have Barbies yet but it has happened. One of the first things she said was "she's skinny". I'm not sure it's good or bad that she recognized that already but gg and I were quick to point out that she isn't what we should look like.. and w e don't go walking around on our toes either.

The other thing I'm not sure about is that the outfits are all from the early 90's..and earlier....ugh I'm old. Anyway, the clothes are surprisingly not modest. Halter tops, mid-drift shirts, strapless dresses. At least boo, is frustrated with the inability for the the top and skirt to meet. And the other funny thing is that some of clothes, coats, sweaters are different looking from anything she has ever seen, she keeps asking what they are.

Boo is having a ball with them though. I over heard her playing. One doll looked like she was asking to borrow the boom box and the other replied"alright, but you have to get married".  " oh, alright".   This is what I assumed was happening, could be wrong. But if so that is a pretty steep requirements to borrow a radio.

What are your opinions about letting your little girls play with Barbie dolls given all the negative attitudes about them? I grew up playing with them all the time and I turned well enough, I think.


Kimber said...

agreed, i LOVED my barbie dolls and turned out just great. My barbie dolls probably had immodest clothes too but it didn't make me want to dress like that, it's just the way they were, ya know. And the whole body type figure thing? eh, it didn't bother me and it still doesn't, they're FAKE DOLLS!

Matt and Maggie said...

I loved Barbies. Think I turned out alright. Having a fantastic opinion of myself, and all. Hehe.
For Christmas, I got my 3 year old Barbie's younger sisters. They are modest.
If you feel a need, I am sure there are online instructions on how to paint clothes on them, just to be safe! :)