Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The nest

Okay, I think i'm ready to say I am done with the baby's room. It's simple, definitely not professional,  but I love it and am so happy to have a room that is all coordinated.

 The dresser:

 Remember this from the last post...HUGE improvement :
The crib:
 Don't look close, it is awful but I love the white with little details on this crib. However,  I will never paint a crib again...at least not in 90-100 degree weather.

The glider:
So proud of this. I covered the cushions!  I don't  sew, hot gluing is my method but I sewed it and I did it all by myself. *high five*
Like I said simple, but ahhh it feels so good to have a completed room in our home. And now I can sit and rock my babe to sleep.


Suzanne Anderson said...

I love it!! You should give yourself more credit, it looks great and so much work to paint all of that!

The Christophersons said...

Super super cute!!!