Saturday, August 1, 2015

Ruffling my feathers

I have been most definitely nesting. And with GG home this summer we actually got some projects done.  The big thing we have been working on was baby girl's bedroom. I thought i'd get that room painted before we moved in to the house a year and a half ago. I tested some pinks, didn't like it and decided it was better to move in sooner than later instead of paint. So I gave up and  for the last 15 months we have had pink splotches on the wall in that room. 

While i'm not quite ready for the reveal of the room here are the before pictures:
This is the wall with the tester paints covering the two pink colors. Don't know how I didn't go crazy looking at it for that long. 

The dresser. We have been toting this pretty ugly old thing around for the last 7 years. It's had it's use but it hasn't been pretty.

And the crib, loved it in the green but it doesn't match what I had in mind for when little miss was born or what I have in mind for this little one
Real quick on this picture.  This was me with Boo at like 39 weeks. I woke up that morning and I could see my ankles, I was do excited to wear my high heels since I could actually get my feet in them. This was a good picture because that is not how I looked in most of my pictures during that pregnancy.

I wish I had taken a picture of the glider we bought and re did but, i'm super excited to add that piece to our baby's room. Last time, I would sit on the floor and nurse little miss in the middle of the night. I decided that I had been crazy and we were going to remedy the situation . 

I'm loving the progress we have made and I already just sit in there sometimes and day dream holding this little babe....and to be honest, i also imagine the long nights nursing, pumping, diaper changes and crying....but then I go back to the cuddling and loving. Parenting is roller coaster of emotions. Anyway, stay tuned for the reveal. 

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