Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Oh so many things to do

2 weeks left,  supposedly. I have been preparing in my mind for a 40-41 week pregnancy.  Last week they checked me and I was a big fat ZERO everything. Today however I was 3 cm....progress.  yessssss!
I have been busy checking stuff off my mental list.

  • Nursery. Done checkity check.
  • Rearrange our bedroom for the pack n play. Check, finally. I decluttered our dresser and it feels great.
  • Washed and put the babes clothes in the drawers. So the whole "life changing organizer cleaner" way of putting clothes away is totally the way to go with babe's clothes. Haven't tried it with my own but it's awesome looking and effective with the baby's clothes.
  • Stock up on food for boo's school lunches and for our meals...always in process but a good start.
  • A few meals frozen away. Check.
  • Finally got a relatively good deal on size 1 diapers. Totally  stocked up on diapers for a few months.
  • Headbands made for the babe...definitely not necessary but something I wanted to do. Check.
  • Pallet projects...still in progress but getting closer. Once that is done, get our patio table cleaned off.
  • Packed a sleep over bag for the girls at grandma's and grandpa's. Check.

  • There are still a few things I want cleaned that I just need to do.
  •  last night in the middle of the night I was having some painful Braxton hix (contractions, do you think?) I realized I didn't have a hospital bag packed. I haven't pre register for the hospital and I haven't bought the girls any big sister gifts ( totally not essential but fun). 
  • My rose bushes are also calling for my attention to remove the black spot leaves but it may not happen. 
And tomorrow is Boo's first day of school.  I've shopping for things she needs since she has been growing like a weed. And I really want to get into the swing of things with school before baby comes. Which is very possible but dare I say, it might be possible she comes early.  I know, I need to bite my tongue.

so busy, so much done and so much to do.


Kimber said...

As much as you'd probably love to have the baby early, I hope you go later so I can see you all pregnant before you bust out that baby!

Suzanne Anderson said...

Those headbands are adorable!!! Love every one of them! And go Alissa! You have gotten a ton done, hope that means you'll get a little earlier surprise :)