Saturday, August 15, 2015

Another check...pallets

My back porch is almost cleared off..hopefully by the end of the day but I need a break, so I blog.  :) here are the other pallet projects that have been sitting half finished or slowly progressing to being finished.

 I kinda feel like it needs a little something more....
Maybe if I some how move it over so it's not entirely in the corner, it might look bigger.
 Suggestions welcome.

The Halloween sign...granted it will have pumpkins and a cornstalk or hay bale,  whatever I can find cheap.
Christmas trees
I might need to paint them white too but all that work aging the wood would be wasted,  like it was on the fence. I do think i'll put lights on them though and a little something else for decoration, just not sure what. Once again, ideas welcome.


Suzanne Anderson said...

I love it!! You are awesome! I can't believe that you are getting so much done while pregnant, go Alissa! And As far as suggestions I think having a cute bistro table and chairs or a couple of outdoor chairs or rockers would help fill up that space, but then you may never want to sit out there since its on the front of the house :) but really I love how it looks as it is.

Kimber said...

I LOVE your pallet projects! THey are so stinking adorable! I too am super impressed you're doing this all while super preggo, kudos girl. The CHristmas trees are adorable! I have no brilliant suggestions though, I'm sorry ha

Stephanie said...

I second the table/chairs comment!
Miss you! You are doing awesome!