Sunday, August 23, 2015

hopefully the last

Here I am at 40 weeks today.
 Totally look bigger in the next picture, which probably more like what I really am .
For kicks and giggles,  here's the primary presidency picture-minus one counselor who is not pregnant and our chorister....i'm at 37 weeks here
33 weeks 

Gone are the hopes that I'd go early.  All those Braxton hicks and contractions threw me off giving me false hope since I never had contractions until I was in labor with my previous pregnancies. I was fully prepared to go over until I had all those and until I realized I was having a bunch of family here for the football game and I wanted more recovery time.

Since my last post, I have felt substantially more tired, mostly since the contractions and Braxton hicks happen during the night.  I just feel bummed.  However, today is a beautiful day and I'd hate to miss it cooped up in a hospital not able to feel the crisp air. And I have yet another day to get over this cough...can't imagine it after having a baby or a c-section.

Anyway, this is more of journal entry I guess. Just here for documentation. It's amazing how much blends in after so many years and can't remember about the pregnancy and birth of your children. Hopefully, this is my last pregnancy post. Next one, you'll get to meet the babe.


The Christophersons said...

You're gorgeous friend! Can't wait to see her and hope all goes well!

Kimber said...

You really looked so beautiful today. The epitome of glowing, SERIOUSLY! There's a big old baby in your body that could survive on its own in the real world right now and you're housing it still, how amazing is that? Seriously God truly is good and amazing. I can't wait to hear about it all, GET THAT BABY OUT!!! ANd I love so much the Primary leaders picture, it's one of my favorite things ever.

Suzanne Anderson said...

Love that primary line up :) and Alissa you look so good at 40 weeks!!! Hopefully I won't see you dropping off your cutie at school tomorrow.