Sunday, April 6, 2014

super mom

I don't know what your definition of what a super mom is or your opinion on whether or not one should try to attain such a status but I feel like a super mom. :)

A few ladies got together and had a motherhood retreat about a month ago. A few ladies shared things they learned from some podcasts they listened to about motherhood. I can't remember exactly what was said but I came away from that with a desire to make a few goals that I wanted to accomplish each day. For me, I decided to have goals that I wanted to be accomplish EVERY day not specific goals to make for each day. First, I decided I'd get my self back in the habit of regular scripture study. ( honestly this has been the hardest thing for me to do consistently since I graduated college. I get in the habit and then something changes that schedule and it takes forever to get in a pattern again.)  So each day I make sure scriptures happen. Then I make sure exercising happens ( which I have to be realistic and realize 1or 2 days a week it just can't happen due to schedules but I do as much as I can). My last goal is to quilt a little, ideally a whole block....this is a quilt top I put together 9 years ago this summer. I. WILL.FINISH. IT.THIS YEAR.

Anyway, I have found I feel Awesome when I get just those 3 things done. And somehow by trying to get just those 3 things done more things end up getting accomplished and I begin to feel like super mom.  It feels great because for the last few months I've been just chilling and just getting through winter.  So if any of you feel like you've been ho-hum make a goal or two for your day, see if it makes any difference in your day.

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