Friday, April 18, 2014


In the car tonight:

Boo: "mom, are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

Me (highly doubting it): "well, what are you thinking?"

Boo: "about unicorns jumping!"


She dreams and thinks unicorns.

Earlier today she and I were just chatting and she was trying to remember a name of something and she couldn't she ended up saying something like "meri...i.pole. we'll just call it meripole" and just went on about who knows what.

GG mentioned that sometimes we think our kids are cuter than they are. That's probably true but it's fun to be a parent and watch your kids learn new skills and communicate. One of funnest things about being a parent.

Ps. I know funniest isn't a word but "the most fun" just sounds awkward...and besides, didn't they add it to the dictionary yet?

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Kimber said...

haha unicorns? that is too funny.